The drunken acoustic jams

so i am going through my old hard disc recorder and come accross this drunken one take wonder.
it shows potential but is not planned!
its all one take, no planning, no pre thought or writing of lyrics.
just some beer, some whisky and then turn on the mic and see what happens.
i was going through a john martyn/led zep phase.

its not bad for a nonsense jam.

anyway, not after mix critique as the whole recording and structure is total off the cuff.
yeah the mic clips on the vocals sorry about that . terrible skills. my bad.
just said on another thread i would share this track i found.
this one isn`t offesnive


its called ointment

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I see bluesy potential here with a badass drummer. What you need is to make it offensive. Change the lyrics to be about an ointment for the sex rash.