The devil's in my room..out for repair and have lost the rock concept

I have composed song on many topics, but none about peoples fears of the devil. This is presently acoustic for easy of delivery, but I think it should be a nasty couple of electrics.
This is just a very crude two hour demo I started yesterday. Any comments lyrics or otherwise appreciatively welcome.

The devil’s in my room

I know he’s lurking in my room…avoiding any light Am E
Behind that curtain…under my bed… keeping out of sight Am C D
I feel him staring, glaring…contriving in his scheme Am E
Hoping I will fall asleep…. to invade my dreams Am D

The devil’s in my room I can feel his presence near C G
There is no other reason for my escalating fear Am F (chorus)
The devil’s in my room …I’m too paralyzed to yell C G
I’ve chained myself to my bed he’s not gonna take me to hell Am F…Am

As you prowl inside my room… with yur ghostly haunt Am E
I know for sure it is my soul… that you need and want. Am D
Yur like a ticking time bomb… waiting to explode. Am E
You sit there patiently… with your evils to unload. Am C D

Reflected vaguely in the mirror… yur bloodshot eyes are glowing Am E
Watching me with hunger…all the while that you are knowing Am C D
I won’t sleep a single minute, I won’t close an eye Am E
I know as soon as I do …I’m surely gonna die Am D


That’s really cool. Doesn’t feel all the way fleshed out, but it’s one hell (pun intended) of a starting point.
How would it sound maybe switching to the ride during the chorus’s?


[quote=“terryhesticles, post:2, topic:6563, full:true”]
That’s really cool. Doesn’t feel all the way fleshed out, but it’s one hell (pun intended) of a starting point.
How would it sound maybe switching to the ride during the chorus’s?
Isn’t that funny when you say fleshed out and then realize that it is really funny/appropriate. I love that kinda stuff.
I always just grab a rock track and keep hitting duplicate just for the beat. I will mess with the drums at the end I guess If I still like the track. Studio one in house drums so i switch later to EZdrummer. More choices etc. I’m not sure if saying it’s a demo clarifies that I just threw it at the wall to see if it would stick scenario. ha ha
I will crank up the electrics tomorrow and see how that goes. I have tons of chores to get at this time of year. Plant the garden tomorrow. Crap. thanks for listening and commenting. If it gets better, maybe you could join in. The singer should have a nasty voice for this.

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Hell yeah! Haha I did it again :^)

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Love the vibe os this tune!!!
Fear of the evil one, is such a frightful part of human experience!
And ghosts, are always a haunting feeling!!!
Truly, very cool creation, Paul!
Stay well, and keep making your excellent ideas!!!
Respect and love,

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Hi there. Yup the song needs alot, but fun to put it out there early on. I have a friend I am doing commercials with that has a very deep voice. I am going to try to talk him into singing it. I wish there was a program one could buy to put some stank in one’s voice.
Stay cool Rene

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Very well done! The lyrics reminded me of a life changing spiritual experience I had once, but I will keep that to myself.

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Hey aaron. I have had some very weird things happen to me over the years. I now share them without worry of how they will be received. Glad you liked it. I just changed it from acoustic to electric guitars. It’s been fun

Update from the original demo:

I generally like electric guitar over acoustic guitar. Though I think both versions are very good. I would keep both versions if I were you. Rock on!

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