The cost of a hit song

Here’s an interesting article about the cost of a hit song. In this case it is Rihanna’s single, “Man Down”. The cool part is how they broke down some actual numbers.


This stuff is really cool. And I think its an important read for people who are aspiring to have solo careers.

I recently put a track on the national charts, and the cost was astronomical. I mean ridiculous. Let me check with the artists manager and see if I can talk about enough of it do a write up. But yeah. The rollout costs were absolutely brutal.

all i know is books, lol…the beatle publisher lennon called a pig that most say ripped them off is very rarely recognized as the guy who signed them as the publisher and had them on TV the next day…or week…whatever.

their manager epstain often slammed for giving away the merchandise millions but would the beat-heads gone anywhere without him? or woudl they still stayed in Germany with toilet seats around their head for stage fun and chain smoking while yelling heil hitler?

it does take more than smoking weed and being cool and thinking your new song rocks… it seems.

damn JK that would be some interesting read, maybe industry secrets and networking names

…and payola? lol

Shit. I was just sitting here thinking about writing away with fake names and bogus numbers…sort of like what Eric did in ‘The Daily Adventures of Mixerman’. I actually don’t have a nondisclosure agreement on this one, but that’s one connection I can’t afford to burn by leaking info that the rest of the management team might get very very pissy about.

Lets put this one on the back burner and see how the Indie Music side of this forum develops. If we wait and go after it down the road, I could get the artist and the manager to cooperate in a blog article type article with a Q&A that would probably do the entire site and any incoming indie artist a lot more good. These guys are good friends and I gotta respect that.

You can’t really tell a story like that without naming 2 key investors (that or might not wish to remain anonymous) are very bigtime household names artists themselves. Again, I can’t even begin to access their comfort level in discussing how much they paid for what services :frowning: Hmm…not as easy as I though.


I hear you, not worth 1 day post forum chatroom stuff.

did you see the 1176 Hairballs built …on ebay $650.?