The conversation overheard was..she was good in bed but not worth getting shot over

I just heard that said over coffee at a table next to me. The dude was shacking with this gal and her old man heard about it. He got a call from a buddy warning him that her hubby was on his way over. She wanted him to stay and fess up and let the chips fall. He didn’t. Speaking of quickies, I wrote a quicky about it. Kinda like give me three steps toward the door. ha ha Just havin a little fun

I’m gonna run gonna run gonna run so fast
gonna run cuz this man wants to shoot my ass
gonna run gonna run gonna keep my sack
gonna run gonna run and I ain’t lookin back


I have a general issue with the rhythm guitar tone, there was something wooly and not quite cutting thru.

Chorus tonality on the vocal delivery went up in pitch and I wasn’t quite comfortable with the feel there.

I like the idea though!
I think with some extra work it could be a hit.

I did something similar a few years ago:

Hi Descent I loved your song within the first 2 seconds. Cool riff running down and that vox rasp. This is also a great dancing song. Lyrics tell a great story.
Yes your guitar tone cuts thru great. I have know Idea what I used for a setting on my little ditty and I am sure I didn’t EQ it at all. I usually just get it down, and if I end up liking it, I will go back and mess a bit. Decided I am going to post everything I produce from now on just to let friends know I am still kicking. ha ha Thanks for listing and your take on it.

Seriously though, you should spruce it up, and make a proper rock song out of it, it definitely has potential!
Thanks for checking out mine…didn’t mean to hijack thread :slight_smile:

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I agree with descent cool deal just needs some cleaning up.

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Sounds like

sounds like a fun game, needs more left right separation maybe :wink:

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love that song. Mine isn’t that catchy. ha ha It is what it is, just a thought and a start. I usually go away from it now and then come back with a vengeance. I usually just play a different guitar on the opposite side with another type of sound. I’m not sure if I wrote down my settings this time. Will check that out, thanks