The colors of you - slow rock

I usually don’t do music like this or music with lyrics really, but I wanted to try to do something slow and somewhat soulful. I’m not happy with my voice, but I don’t know how much is just me worrying vs it actually being terrible. Anyway please bash the mix, lyrics, arrangement, etc


Very cool song. The guitar sounds small, like it should be a bigger sound in the beginning? The tone is great, just seems it needs to have more of something.

That’s great! Nothing at all wrong with your voice. I really enjoyed the song AND the playing. If there’s something, the main guitar seems like it might be poking out of the mix a bit. Initially, it sounds good for the intro, but then during the verses and feels like it needs to sit in the mix a little better. …Listening through again, maybe it’s just the 1st first. (?) Not a big deal really, just nit picking. But then you get to the solo… at 2:40 it’s choice! Love your tone here too. Now I’m wondering if pushing it back with a little reverb might do the trick. Just a thought. Effective transition out of the solo into the final chorus too. Really nice song!

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I would agree with the above comments. You definitely don’t have to worry about your voice. that being said the voice is an incredible instrument and there is always something more to be had.

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I think your reservations about your voice are echoed in the mix, and gets quite buried by the guitars in a lot of places (chorus’s especially).
Your voice sounds good, and the vocals should really be the star of the show. They need to be up front and intimate, not drowned out and competing with the guitars imo.


Love it. High voice would have really worked in 1950

I wouldn’t worry about your voice. It sounds fine. You got that R’n’B thing going on. It suits the genre.

I didn’t really focus on the lyrics…I have a habit of not paying attention to lyrics. Maybe I’ll come back to that later to focus on them.

The guitars on the chorus tend to make the vocal smaller sounding. Maybe doubling the vocal and bringing them up a little in that part would improve that.

I’m listening on headphones, so I might have a different opinion regarding the levels, if I was listening on my studio monitors.

Nice job on this song!

Hi, congratulations on a very nice song. It is nicely knitted together.

I like the songwriting. Chords and melody are not really original but everything makes sense and is nicely executed so it isn’t an issue.

The music is played well, I could only spot a few guitar notes that were not exactly right in timing, nothing serious. I like the arrangement a lot, nothing to else say here.

IMO the mix is what you could improve the most. I think the guitar are slightly masking the vocals. The intro guitar is loud and the volume decrease when the vocals start is too big and sudden. The bass is a bit too low and dark, I think you could roll off some of the lowest frequencies. There is a guitar or keyboard that starts playing during the choruses with some high frequency content, it is a little bit annoying because you can’t really hear what it plays but you do hear the high frequencies and it kind of makes you focus on that instead of the important parts.

Well done!

You’re kidding me, right?

but I don’t know how much is just me worrying vs it actually being terrible.

Let’s put that to rest now - it’s as far from “actually terrible” as could be… it’s “actually excellent” and you should use it more often - a LOT more often.

For my money, I think you nailed this track - I love it - sounds, instrumentation, arrangement.

Is the mix perfect? What mix is? The mix fits the song perfectly IMO - It evokes a time when people were less concerned with perfect sound and more interested in great feel and humanity. Very, very nice stuff!


Sweet arrangement, man I wish I had a voice like that :+1:

Thanks everyone for the comments. Maybe I was being too critical of my voice. I took some of the advice above and tried to eq the guitar a little and increased the vocal volume.


Sweet tune! :+1:

Very nice and a GREAT voice!!
There’s an 80s soul singer that has a voice reminiscent of this, can’t think of the name now…


I was thinking @Chandler is channeling a bit of Jeff Buckley. :sunglasses:

I like what you did with the guitar here, the first version reminded me too much of “little wing”, with that slightly more modern sound it holds it’s own now without inviting comparison.

Oh man, is this like posting a photo on FB with a caption that reads “I’m so ugly… LOL”?
Your voice is great!
I like that you turned your voice up a bit, just be careful, with the change in the guitar tone it kinda sorta invades into the vocal territory in some places, but you can still turn the vocal up a tiny bit more and it will still sit well in the mix.
The second vocals on the end of the song is a bit too upfront for my taste, you could make it a little less brighter and it would still work as a call and response.

Great song, great work.

very nice soulful Hendrixy kind of vibe

voice is great, stop whining about it. Could easily be on something like a Black Crows record

bass gtr seemed a bit loud to me or maybe wrong resonant frequency standing out etc

song BEGS for some sort of Hammond B3 vibe and/or some gospel singers

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Perhaps it is just me that doesn’t like my voice. I’ll try to work a little more on the guitar tone, but it looks like this song might be close to done.

Thanks for the Jeff Buckley song. I’m not too familiar with his work, but that sounded really good. I’ll have to check out more of his stuff.

I was actually trying to get a vibe like this song.

Next time I’ll try add more vocal harmonies and doubling. and of course turn my voice up.

Dig your song,

If I should mention a reference, it would be Lenny Kravitz.
The production is pretty good. As I listen :

  • the drums have to be simple. Very too complex, so artificial. You don’t really need
    so many fills. The “drummer” is there for the music, not for his ego, if you see what I mean. So more feelings, and less demonstration. The kits sounds good, just be careful with the toms that have lost their bottom being too much compressed. I use to mix a kit less widely, and in this case it could help a lot.

  • the main guitar is very too thin. It needs more 400 for me. And it vanishes during the chorus. The panned guitars are to loud (1,5 db) and fight with it. You should pan (the centered) it a bit, to avoid interferences with the lead vocal track.

  • the solo is not big enough (not the interpretation, that is fine), I need more there.

  • don’t be shy, your vocals are fine ! A db more please. A thing that is not my taste is the reverb. You should consider to put an echo, and just a tiny little bit of verb on it. And finally, I you can, let’s double the lead vocal take ! Double + echo would be far better for me.

  • other than that, the ending comes a roll too early for me, one more maybe ?

Your song is really cool, hope I didn’t bash it too hard, it’s just because I really like it !!!
(feedback based on the first uploaded song, just post your revisions in the first post in the future !:wink: )

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Okay, got it.

This is the person your voice reminds me of…