"The Beast from the East" a new ditty I wrote, played on and produced

Let me know what you think.


those are some crazy good vocals! Nice work, great production.
since this is a a released single, you could nudge this over to the Indie radio section instead of BTR.

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I’m not on Spotify. Michelle has excellent taste so…
Would have been nice posted here in it’s infancy.

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well…it had very short infancy :slight_smile:

Literally, quick demo with my vocals that I wasn’t too happy on, and took it to my friend George (ex-Cloven Hoof) that knocked it out in 2 hrs.

Here’s Bandcamp link if you prefer:


Composition and arrangement-wise this is a killer track, and give me fucking operatic Bruce Dickinson style metal vocals all day long, they’re amazingly executed and performed.
Production-wise I think there’s a lot more that could have been done to give this track more bite and and impact.
Personally for me as a primarily rock and metal guy, if I’m not hearing a snappy up-front snare with tons of presence with a kick of the same magnitude, I find it a little hard to remain engaged because there’s no real momentum driving the track forward. It’s just as well your vocals saved the day in that respect, but handing the session off to an experienced 3rd party mix engineer would have really helped the overall production in my humble opinion.
A really great song let down somewhat in the mix.
The subject matter on the other hand is something i can relate to on a deep fundamental level, as I witness in real-time the slow, steady but incessant march of communism coupled with techno-facism/technocracy creeping ever closer into all our lives.
You should send it to Media Monarchy radio station, I know for a fact they’d spin that shit without hesitation. They play a ‘truth music’ song of the day 5 days a week.
I can put you in touch with Shawn the producer if you’re interested.
Cheers man, thanks for sharing.

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Cheers, thanks!

I did have an overbearing kick and snare track but decided to pull that back a bit and give the vocals some time to shine. Might’ve been the wrong decision, as you mentioned.

Thanks for checking out and I will write Shawn.

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Cool song and arrangement that deserves a punchy, clear mix. And the singer… sounds like a cross between Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden and Flemming Rönsdorf Artillery (if you’re not familiar with Flemming, check out the Artillery album “By Inheritance.”) Would love to hear this track with a full-on pro mix / master.

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Thanks for that! I’m not a Spotifier either.
Cool song! I’m not a fan of Cookie Monster vocals, even in Metal, but when it got to the Bruce Dickinson vocals that’s killer! Nice guitar work of course. I too, feel the mix could be improved a bit.

The intro is very nice IMO. When it gets into the ‘meat’ of the song, the drums do seem to get lost a bit. I get that you might want the ‘woody’ snare sound for this type of song, and the double-kick (hard to tell, but it sounds like it) might by necessity need to be not too over-the-top. The toms come across a bit loud when they hit, but that actually helps bring some interest to the subdued (at times) drums. The snare and cymbals are more prominent during the guitar solo, which is nice. So this was a real drummer, not MIDI? It sounds like it, though very good drumming overall.

Could you post the lyrics? I picked up some of it, but would like to follow the story-line with the music.
EDIT: I see the lyrics are on the BandCamp page.
I also see the drummer credit.

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I’ll need to look at Artillery, it’s been a while.

The singer on this tune recorded with Cloven Hoof of British NWOBHM fame.

Yeah, pretty amazing vox when he goes up to the high notes. Agree with the overall dull snare/kick.
Very good drummer, but there are timing issues. Trust me, I know, I too am a drummer with timing issues! I think I’m metal it’s very important to quantize the drums and do some supplement sampling. A third party mix/master would be the way to go!
Nice work, definitely thanks for sharing! Keep ‘em coming!

Here’s another mix, hopefully this got the drums where you guys wanted them.

Maybe too much snares pop up on this one. I did a 3 mic on this snare, so I have a top, mid, bottom. I kinda like my drums heavy and dark like the old nwobhm band Venom if you’ve listened to them.

Less snare mix, I think this one is it!


Oooo, nice! So much better!

If I ever need a guest screamer vocalist for a part of a song…hook me up with this guy!

George Call - ASKA, ex-Cloven Hoof. He’s quite a legend in heavy metal circles.

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I’m not a good critic for this style rock. That said, I respect this kind of rock as being the rockiest of all genres of rock, hardest and growliest, displaying an unforgiving musical stylistic precision not found elsewhere/anywhere in music. This song fills those shoes.

The lyrics are totally insignificant to me, like a story for a Viking saga, like fictional vs political, written for a dystopian tale perhaps set in Australia. I surprisingly can understand a lot of them.

I think that last version was noticeably better than the first, but the first was already impressive. Good job, dude!

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Thank you!

That 2nd mix in the thread post #11 sound pretty cool. Quite Iron Maidan-ish.

Thank you for the reviews! Now your second to last mix: very good guitar riffs. The mix had so many high frequencies I had to listen to it at a pretty low volume (I am sensitive to that sort of thing). Vocals are a bit too heavy for me, but you can belt them out!

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