That's The Way of The World, Earth Wind and Fire

That’s the Way of The World is the sixth studio album by American band Earth, Wind & Fire, released on March 15, 1975 by Columbia Records. It was also the soundtrack for a 1975 motion picture of the same name.

To the beautiful people of Davao City, especially to Batch 1978 of Davao City High School!!!

Recorded with all the mistakes, and mis-steps we take in our lives.
Hope Peace and Love!!!


It’s obvious you had a lot of fun performing this Rene! Yeah, a few things got flubbed in the process, but that’s the polarity of passion and precision. Your passion for playing this is clear. This is another song that is very familiar to me from radio in the mid-70’s.

I like how your energy and passion grew through the course of the song, and you started riffing and scatting with the vocals spontaneously. That vocal shift at 1:12 (“heart and soul”) was impressive. It wasn’t a shift of vocal range per se, but there was a shift and a brief higher octave note on “heart” I think. It sounded really cool.

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Hi Stan,
I did have some fun on this song recording.
At least now, it is all fun, as I just went through a challenging time.
I kept on making mistakes, so I kept on starting over, and over, and over.
Well, at least my vocals are getting warmed up, but I am getting frustrated.
On this recording try, I know I had a few mistakes, and I had to take it, as it is, and I am even lucky to have been able to complete a full recording of this song.
Again, persistence, and some lowering of expectation!
Love your wonderful feedback.
Erased all my frustration, and now, the fun and joy is flowing.
Thank you, Stan!!!

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