Thanks Dave and Bob...this one was a bit of a dud

Yanked it to save cloud space.

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Hey Paul, another nice tune! I think the chorus works very well, gives some major-key counterpoint to the minor-based verses.

Also am enjoying the basic structure and chords, I like that minor bluesy thing.

The one thing I’m not fond of is the drums. They seem to be mostly fills, rarely any driving groove. That’s your choice of course, but I found myself distracted by them, waiting for some rhythmic resolution that never really arrived. But let’s see what the rest of the gang thinks. :wink:

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Hi Dave. I used EZ drummer and I just grab something and pull it in. At the very end I just went fill…all a little different. I was pretty bored by then. I thought if I grabbed a “chorus” drum pattern and then have to go back to the milder one, it wouldn’t work.
I can play that Dm riff in my lazy boy pretty flawless, but when I am sitting totally upright, without any bracing, I can’t mute very well. ha ha
Only 5 tracks so far, time for some accents. Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

Nice work, lots of potential. The chorus is cool and grabs your attention.
I agree with Dave; the song is begging for syncopation from the drums. What you have at the end could be used throughout the song, with fills added in the appropriate spots. Check out Bernard Purdie on YouTube, he’s the master of the half time shuffle. I just watched a little tutorial from him two days ago playing 3 or 4 grooves that would give you some great ideas. Getting the bass and drums popping a little would add a lot to this.

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Hey Bob Just got this underway and the comments are so helpful. The bass is very lame too. I just played it one time and left it. I could put a little stank on it next time I play it also.
I made the song like leggo’s, so nothing really flows that way. Same with the lyrics?
I am going to check Mr Perdue’s video. (our band’s player is a Perdue)
Thanks a bunch