Testing tagging for "Bash This..."

Tagging has been enabled, which allow us to tag bash threads with a genre, etc.

Tagging is located below the text box when you create the thread. Works great!

That’s cool that the system works…the tags could be helpful.

But why in bash? Or were you not actually planning on using it here? Most people aren’t offering bashes based only on specific genres, and a lot of music is hard to classify…like where would @Emma put some of her stuff? I would be at a loss for what to even call it because its so highly original and eclectic? I might consider leaving these tags off in the bash category.

Is it possible this feature might help us with tagging support questions for specific DAWs? Or maybe tag a music business/industry question because there isn’t a dedicated category?

Not trying to be troll…please don’t take it like that…and thanks much for continuing to make this place better! Just offering some thoughts.

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Ah! The tag is optional and it can be removed. Hmmm.

Correct. Totally optional.

You made me smile with this Jonathan, I have a strong sense of anarchy around categorisation/genres. Sure I can see it suits some but I’m not keen on it. I use the tag system in soundcloud as something of a creative tool… :wink:

But, having said that… it’s GREAT that to be exploring new options with the site… :beerbang: