Test mix

I have just rigged up some old jbl monitors and done a little test mix for translation
Sounded really good to me

I recommend you check the tonal balance. The 2.500 h range looks a little off. You can cut 2 or 3 db there, it will sound more open. You can also use a reference track so you know what little spots you can change in the master bus eq (I recommend doing this to the master bus because everything already sounds very unite and balanced) Also, you could do a more agressive pan, it don’t sound much “big” in headphones. Of course it don’t sounds mono, but it don’t sounds much stereo either.

Cheers .Yes the guitar parts i think are just copies rather than being properly d tracked so there wasn’t really much in the way of stereo,i just put a little delay on one .

Taken a touch of 2500 and a tad of 200 and used a widener to give a bit more

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I think the mix does seem to live in the middle. The guitars seem a little forward in my system. Good song