Tesgin's Two Bear Hands ENTRY

Tesgin's Two Bear Hands ENTRY

I tried to incorporate as much of the feedback you guys have given me. What a learning experience this has been.

Heading outta town now so I gotta stop mixing. Please be thinkin’ of me on Monday night at the Packers/Lions game. I’ll be there!

Thanks all! Looking forward to more critique on this last mix. Learning tons!

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Nothing sound out of place on my laptop speakers.

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Sounds good to me. The only issues I hear are some weird glitchy sounding stuff on some of the sibilance especially at the beginning. Like the de esser is doing something weird. Also later on in the song when he says “lucky” the volume kind of dips down for second. Overall good mix though. I think the synth works pretty well off to the left like you have it.

Hey Tesgin, here we go. First time I’ve had a chance to listen to your mix. First off really nice sounding vocal. This was a tough one. Nice and clear with good balances too! I think you could have brought the guitars up some to add a little more energy, but otherwise I got nuthin’ for ya. Nice job!

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Hey Tesgin! I can’t really add anything much that hasn’t already been said. I really like the drum sound you got here - nice and natural, yet punchy. The rhythm guitar drives the mix nicely too - love that! (it is a little “edgy” in the high mids at times, but generally it works beautifully).

Probably the most notable thing I would look at is that the snare seems to be leaning to the left in the soundstage. That’s really the only fly in the ointment of an otherwise very cool mix.

There are a few other minor detail things, like the sibilance mentioned above, but overall, to my ear, this is one of the best “feeling” mixes I have heard. It captures the natural live energy of the performance extremely well.

Top job, Sir!:+1:

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Thanks Andrew. Much appreciated. And thanks for your bash of my mix earlier in the “bash this” forum. I followed all of your suggestions – and others’ too – and feel it made my mix tons better. Never mixed live stuff before. This has been an educational experience. I feel like I’m learning tons here. Such an awesome site.

Nicely done. It is fun to hear the difference in takes and what you have achieved definitely drier than others but still has good energy.

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