Tell me how my song does not suck! My first Albanian rap about love

Here’s a song with Albanian folk flavour i came up on January. I did the instrumental then came up with some lyrics. Mix is still rough version and waiting to be bashed and maybe a collab:

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the correctly autotuned vocals, for my car-honk voice sucks without it:

Edit 3: Published

Hey Man! Sounds like it’s coming together!
A couple quick things that I’m hearing that you might consider addressing…

I was going to suggest that there is a buildup of upper mids, but really, I think it’s just that it is rather busy instrumentally considering the genre.

I might advise either simplifying some parts or bringing certain elements in while others are out. You did that a little bit here and there, but you might want to do more of that.

My 2 cents :wink:

Keep up the good work!

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Will consider lowering the flutes and/or substitute with the chorus vox, definitely decent advice! Meanwhile posted the correctly-autotuned version.