TBH unloved

So here is a mix with only EQ and balance… no gates, editing, verb or compression, as yet, just all faders up.

Not sure why… I guess i hated the original recording for its lack of stereo/ room micing so much, I decided to just show it for what it is, just trying to balance it as best i can.

Maybe I’m just intolerant of modern recording techniques, but WTF Telefunken? This mix is almost ALL of the ambient mics, versus the close ones… gimmeee the glorious telefunken ROOM mics everywhere…

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Sounds pretty cool. Balances and frequencies are good. There is a nice clarity to the sound overall.

Is the snare weighted more to the left channel? That tends to unbalance the stereo image in a slightly “old Beatles stereo mix” way. For the first half of the song, most things seem to be coming from the left channel.

I’m not sure what this sentence means… I mean, call me Captain Obvious, but aren’t most modern mixes comprised of close and ambient mics? I must be missing something here…

yes it is slightly left, probably because of ambience in multiple tracks… there was only one room mic, panned right…, so all the other stuff was piled left to create the width.

yes, the kick for example was 90percent kick out/ 10 percent kick in (it was so bad, anyway) - there were no dedicated room mics for the audience/room… duh. I thought Telefunken built mics for this sort of shit.

Sounding good so far.

So in this mix, I have corrected my panning mistakes - the snare should have been centered, the main balance was also a little left heavy.

Anyway, the room mic is panned hard right, the drum overhead hard left, and thats the basis of the sound. Everything else is LCR.

I did nothing to the vocal except a slight tilt eq. Im just a bit irritated at the lack of options to get the ‘room involved’ with all those cool condenser mics at their disposal. It also sounds like there is a slight vocal delay on there, but that wasn’t me. :slight_smile:

Wish I had that abbey road plugin that adds the room back in, maybe somebody can add it. Maybe I will go back and do more to it later.

Ha, my EQ/Balance sounds way cooler when you put it behind this. :crazy_face:

So how come all the mics are there on the drums in the video? Don’t we get to use all of those?

…I know, I have too much time on my hands

edit… sibilance got updated and minor edits were done as per coldroom’s advice, after original video got superceded. You are watching the fixed version, the old one disappeared…

Hah! I like it. Pretty impressive for no FX. Nice balance.

didnt need fx or channel comps, just turned all the ambient mics to 11… Its ONLY EVER about BALANCE… :wink:

Sounds great. The main thing I think needs work is the overly sibilant vocals. Apart from that, there are a few little inconsistencies in the vocal level where the vocalist moves on and off the mic.

cheers dude, will look at that, it doesn’t have a comp on the vocal yet, might even solve them both in one go, who knows?

So here it is, so its possibly fixed with barely a modicum of compression, a little editing and no fx on it at all… which was the whole point. Just to balance it to make it sound decent… but NOT do anything really.

so… now do you guys want me to de-mix it? Or are you all good, you totally know what is happening/don’t care?

Im not entering the competition. So its just a sideshow effectively. I’m good with that, just let me know if Im on the right track… hope it helps you out a little.