Taurus Bass Pedal VST

Taurus Bass Pedal VST


Hello (for the first time in, like, ages…)

Who doesn’t love the sound of a classic Taurus bass pedal, as used so effectively by bands like Genesis, Yes, Rush, and so on?

Well, I do, so was disappointed to find there was nothing similar to it in HalionSE in my Cubase 6, but then delighted to find this VST by Antti.

But I can’t get it to work. When I load it in I get this warning message:

But when I check the Instrument channel it seems to be correctly set to Stereo Out:

So, either the VST doesn’t work with Cubase 6 (the update on the webpage suggests it was last under development in 2006), or I’m looking in the wrong place.

Can any of you advise me, please? Or can you get the VST playing nicely?



Hey JJ! Good to see you back! What have you been working on lately?


Nothing, that’s why I haven’t been on here asking dumb questions.


Thanks for this though. Nice one.


Have you tried using the instrument rack instead of an instrument track?


What’s that?! Never heard of an instrument rack. Just searched for it in the Operation Manual but only found one mention of it (708 pages!)


I’m not a Cubase user, but I sit with my friend to mix and he’s been using it for a decade. I can remember that when he adds his synths into Cubase, he pulls up an Instrument rack and puts his VST in there, rather than what I do in Logic (create a new synth track and add a VST directly into that).

Here’s a video that might help you out:


Yeah, I found another video shortly after my reply, but didn’t get long to try it out before I had to head off to work. Thanks for the info though. I’ll take a proper look in about 8 or 9 hours…


Which, funnily enough, is exactly what the author of that video suggests is the better approach.


I need to clarify something… The Taurus bass pedal is a hardware controlled soft synth emulator? Correct? This thing is essentially a keyboard/synth virtual instrument…right?

Show me what it gives you when you instantiate it in the new tracks window

Next, go to your audio connections -> output window and show me what’s going on there.

Nuendo and Cubase do not support mixed mono/stereo like S1 and Logic. Like in Pro Tools, you can not toggle a channel/track back and forth between mono and stereo. Nor can you place stereo content on a mono track (Like in Ableton). In Nuendo, when you instantiate the channel form the New Tracks dropdown, you must declare it mono or stereo and you can not change it later. I suspect this is the problem.



Thanks for the reply.

That is what I’m trying to get working yes.


Oh! I got sound doing it this way!