Take a leave from crazy demo

This song does not represent any political party. Just my feelings about the decline of our country. Help with anything including better lyrics would be appreciated.

    Take a leave from crazy   G Bm C G 

I chucked out that ole tv… there was nuthin there for me
All those crazy loonies… wreckin my kun…ter…eee
East coast west coast weirdo’s…the thinkin’s all the same…
Good on all those…little towns… where folks are not insane

Take a leave from crazy ….take a leave and flee G D C
Take a leave from crazy…cuz….cities ain’t no place to be

My dog and I went for a walk… the park the same ole place
Came upon a guy… talkin to himself ….seemed like a real nut case
Hey mister can you help me find… a place where I’d feel safe
He then pointed… to the sky… said maybe… outer space

Before my dog and I depart… we’ll take time to reflect
That shotgun pointed at my nose… off the road we wrecked
Took my catalitic converter with a sawzall and a jack
Forgot my fancy chromed out wheels, but then they did come back


awesome arrangement :slight_smile: love it. Frrom production standpoint, maybe add a bit of lo-fi highway radio like feeling to it ?
as a mix, maybe cut a little bit of boom from the guitar using eq maybe around (90hz) and some at 300 to 500…

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Hi Michelle. I am glad you liked it. I have a ton of work to do especially with artifacts. I lowered my strings on the bass and it is rattling everywhere. Gotta replace that.

I really don’t know how to EQ guitars much. I usually just grab the wave and keep moving until it doesn’t sound as muddy. Never did do individual areas, but i can and will with your recommendations.

Some of the lyrics are catchy and some are no. Pretty easy to change.
thanks again Michelle

First impressions in the opening bars, sheesh does he realize this sounds unbelievably similar to ‘The Weight’, then the chorus hits and I realize there’s a reason why it sounds like The Weight. Haha well played.
I think your lyrics are on point, and probably reflect the sentiment of a vast majority of the the U.S population. Just look at that Anthony Oliver tune as a gauge of what the average American thinks of their government.
Just remember, it’s all by design, and voting won’t fix it.
Good stuff Paul, as always.

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[quote=“terryhesticles, post:4, topic:6609”]
then the chorus hits and I realize there’s a reason why it sounds like The Weight

Hi guy. Yup, this is the second song now I have ripped of melody lines etc.

I sing that song all the time and their original lyrics are more bizarre than mind :wink:
Keep pluggin along I say. I think this site is gonna crash soon. Too many times I check during the day and it’s like crickets.

thanks for your 2 cents bud

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This song reminds me a lot of a hit song from the 70’s; can’t thing of the title, or who does it (maybe The Band?). “Take a Load Off (someone’s name I can’t remember)”, or something like that. Anyway, it all sounds quite good to me.

Cool track Paul… I love the idea of re-imagining a great song with new, contemporary lyrics. Top job!

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