T-RackS Group Buy Extended! (15 days left) buy 1 get 7 (current number) free

T-RackS Group Buy Extended! (15 days left) buy 1 get 7 (current number) free

Any thoughts on this promo?



Tempting :slight_smile:



I’ve been following that one too!



Anyone here have feedback on the T-RackS plugins? I’ve got the Black 76 and like it fine. I don’t have the Waves or another version. But I’ve held off until now because, I mean, how many Compressors/EQs does someone need??

Having just said that, I find I am looking at the compressors and the other non-EQ plugins - Stealth Limiter, Saturator X, One, and the Leslie because that’s something I don’t have yet. …and I DO like the nice clean no-muss no-fuss UIs of the TRackS stuff.

Oh yeah! Hey George - @ManAbyss - how are you liking your TRackS bundle? Favorites? Dislikes? CPU hogs?



I want the match, saturator, and mic room, but I can’t find anything else I want. This is killing me because its just too good of a deal to pass up!



That quad imager looks really useful but I can’t imagine needing it with Ozone 8 advanced and that Boz Panther plug. I think it would be very useful though for someone who doesn’t have a multi-band imager.

OOOh…that Inverse Reverb looks really cool. Could see that being useful for some scary movies :slight_smile:

@miked…do you happen to know what that red Opto compressor is based on?



I’m afraid I don’t. But I have at least 2 optical compressors already with Nomad Factory Bus Driver and Plugin Alliance bx_opto off the top of my head. and I really like Bus Driver, so I haven’t even looked at that one…

There are a lot of other pretty interesting ones though. I just need to sit down and demo them.



Definitely looks like a good deal. Reminds me… I wonder where @ikmultimedia has been lately? Maybe they could update the numbers



The numbers are updated on the first link up there. Less than 200 to go for 9 for the price of one…



I really like them, have used them for years. I’m still on T-RackS 3, didn’t feel the need to upgrade. The plugins work really well, CPU no issues for me ever, and you can do the Standalone app to do a parallel mastering chain on multiple WAV files with a list of reference tracks as well.

The T-RackS 3 manual says this:

Optical­ compression­ has­ a­ special­ sonic­ character­ that­ true­ audiophiles­ appreciate.­ This­ analog-modeled­ module­ faithfully­ recreates­ that­ particular­ (and­ extremely­ musical)­ “movement”­ that­ characterizes­ only­ the­ best­ opto­ compressors.

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This group buy just flipped to 9 plugins for the price of one! 300 more to 10 for 1. I got a little annoyed trying to maneuver around the “Custom Shop” and demo some the other night. I didn’t have the patience to figure out how NOT to get the white noise every 30 seconds. Still, from the one I’ve already got and what I heard, certainly worth about $10 a plugin!



at 10 for the price of 1 now…3056 users (cleared the 3000 mark)

Yes, you read that right! Buy 1 and get 9 free . Our new T-RackS Group Buy promotion gives you an easy way to save a buck while you load up on great sounding studio processors from the T-RackS Custom Shop. Any time you purchase and register a T-RackS processor and/or Lurssen Mastering Console, you get another 9 processors of equal or lesser value for free.



Found a promo code “SAVE10” to save 10% as well



Doh! I just bought in and missed this! Thanks for posting that! I wondering about doing this twice!

And don’t forget, you can use your “Jam Points” if you purchase in the online store. They give you “gifts” periodically and some for signing up for the news letter. I had 45 because I had never used them! Also, if you purchase through the “Custom Shop”, you may have “Credits” in there for something or other. The whole setup is very confusing, but worth looking in to. It saved me $45!

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I agree about the confusing part, but great you got some savings.

It doesn’t seem you can use the promo code AND jam points, so don’t worry. I think you got the better deal.

I used my jam points as well, I used the max I could (30%) 47 points, then I got 8 new jam points for the purchase, so 10 plugins for $112.99 (about $11.30 per plugin).

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Nice! I’m even considering buying a second plugin to fill things out. I’ve liked the most of demos I’ve done so far. After this though, it’s time to quit buying plugins and make some damn music already! :wink:

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I know. Right? That’s exactly what I said after buying a bunch of Wave plugin sale items…and then this sale came to my attention :sweat:



…and it looks like AudioDeluxe has them for 16% (?) off in the shopping cart. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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Oh yeah. :heart_eyes: That is a good deal if you are not using any jam points. I calculated it at 15% [ [IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console $159.99 with automatic SUMMER2018 code -$24.00] = total $135.99

…but using my jam points was still less expensive…still good to know if anyone was on the fence and hadn’t bought in yet.