Synth1 by Ichiro Toda

This is a pretty good synthesizer, I encourage you all to check it out. Highly customizable, you can get some great sounds out of it. It’s got oscillators, an arpeggio generator, FM modulation, etc. Here’s a few samples of me playing with it.


I don’t need any more synthesisers… I do need to practise with the ones I’ve got, but these were a fun listen ta… the first one sounds cool and munchy slurpy, I rather like that… hmmm, must go and play with synthesisers (said to self in robotic voice)…

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Did you recognize either song?

Nope… they sounded like something I knew but didn’t know… :grin:
are they ‘something’???

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How about this one? @holster is just the right age to know this one, and considering what @jonathan has been focusing on lately he might know too. Pumped a lot of quarters into this one back in the day.

PS - How do the drums (cymbals in particular) sound? They’re from samples I created myself. The keyboards are (predictably all Synth1).

This synth really makes me want to make a Rush - Subdivisions MIDI.

Here’s what I got so far… Lots of corrections on all fronts, I wish I could play like Neil Peart in one take. I used Simmons toms for the '80s effect, and my own personal created samples for the rest of the drum kit. If this doesn’t demonstrate the versatility of the synth I don’t know what will.

I use Synth1 a lot - there’s a MASSIVE preset pack out there somewhere - If I find it I’ll post it.

Edit: Here you go

I know there are others around but at least I know the above is safe


The first one sounds like Big Bottom from Spinal Tap.

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Styles! You got it!

I downloaded and installed this at least a year ago. I played with it for a few days and was quite impressed, especially for free! Haven’t used it since. Time to revisit!

First one sounded familiar but couldn’t place it (Styles takes the prize). Second one is Dokken “Breaking the Chains” I believe.

I’m pretty sure I installed that too. I went to a lot of effort to get the whole thing working only to forget about it. :roll_eyes: I remember being overwhelmed by all the patches, so many choices.

Oh, and thank you for switching your avatar to CPF. It looks more … “respectable”. :sunglasses:

Ah, that wasn’t me. Holster is having some people look at the site to sponsor the contest and asked me if he could temporarily change it. Can we change it ourselves? I didn’t think we could. Nice with the Dokken. You are a winner. If someone can get the third one I will give them a virtual hug.

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You might consider keeping it. :wink: :bulb: :grin:

I had assumed so. You could do that at RR, but this is different forum software so I don’t know. I’ll probably be Stan_Halen until I die, and even in the next reincarnation :smirk:, so I hadn’t tried.