Switched from the PRS to my Gibby..how's the tone..30 seconds

I was reading some reviews on my PRS and most say it is not good for Rock. I started thinking back to giving away my line 6 amp because i simply could not get a sound I liked.
I pulled ot my Gibson ES335 and started messing with it. Hasn’t been played for years and the strings were dead. Anyway after I tuned it and hadn’t yet plugged it in, I noticed how good the sound was? I know dead strings? Anyway I put it thru my boss and kinda like the sound.
I made a quick riff, added a couple more tracks and sorta liked it.
Only 39 seconds and no vox yet. Wondering what yawl think of the tone compared to what I used to have? ha ha I am such a bumbler

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Chunky sound Paul!.. It’s a good start, but I would suggest trying something other than a typical 1-4-5 blues framework. Keep the basic riff, but maybe change up the rest so that it goes somewhere a little less predictable.

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I like distorted guitars so I like it already. :slightly_smiling_face: It does sound a bit different than your other guitar tones I think. Has a certain ‘clarity’ or presence to it too?

By “dead” do you mean the strings are old and rusted/corroded? If so, you can put new strings on, and your tone will probably be better, but might also be a bit different than what you’re hearing now.

Hey Andy Predictable…who me??? ha ha Yeah, just wondering about the tone/sound. Looking forward to new strings. I will keep the framework and structure in mind when I actually make a song. Your two cents is a big deal to me. peace

Hi Stan The strings weren’t rusted or anything like that. It was horribly out of tune. It just seems like I will be able to get a better rock sound with the gibby?
I am going for a week to see my daughter. She has a ton of hard work for me to do. No studio now for at least a week. Take care Stan

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It’s not bad but I’d prefer to hear more hair on those sounds. I think you tuning was also kinda giving up a bit on the tracks as I am hearing pitch issues.

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The guitar tone is so full, and lovely!!!
I like this.

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Certainly keep playing with it and let us know the results.

OK, I’m sure the service to others will be rewarding, and then you’ll enjoy getting back to the studio after a break. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guitar audio quality is pretty good, but I have heard you get better guitar tone earlier.

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I think it’s an age thing. We grew up on Fender and Gibson, so those will always sound authentic to me. My PRS SE sounds great, but the pickups sound “modern”; more emphasis in the upper midrange.
When you want the sound of Crossroads, an ES 335 is going to give it to you. If you want more shimmer it’s the PRS.
Your tone is good, a little more bite would make it sting more.


Hi guy I just got home from a visit with my daughter in the twin cities. I bought $82 worth of strings and new senheiser (sp) headphones. Lot of fun to visit the guitar center. I wasn’t sure about either the 9’s or the 10’s for the prs so I bought a set of each and also a set on 9.5’s ha ha Thanks for the guitar info…very helpful

Thick. I think some more crunch or bite might spice things up… but new strings will change things up too. When the vocal popped in I couldn’t help but think ‘Lou Reed?’ lol

Hi Jamieson. cool name. I headed toward the studio this morning and my wife said “I thought you were going to plant some of the garden and put flowers in the window boxes”? So much for the restring event. ha ha
I am presently torn in many directions. I started a new song yesterday called People everwhere and another this morning called America not so beautiful. that will need some nasty grit/rock feel. i did write the lyrics, so I should go quickly. I can’t post it here, but might pm it to some who aren’t sensitive. ha ha
thanks for the reply