Sweet little interface

Although this is geared for Dante audio networks (not usb, etc), this is one sexy looking little interface. I’m totally just basing this on looks alone :stuck_out_tongue:
If they did one like this for USB, I’d be all over it for a portable rig!



I’ve learned that I really don’t like studio gear that has its buttons and controls on the top. It makes it so I have to dedicate a ton of real estate on my desk to just that one piece of equipment. Unless it’s a piece of gear I’m reaching for all the time, I want controls on the front so I can stack stuff on top of it.

In an established workstation, I totally agree. I was just saying this looked cool for a portable rig, but know what you mean :wink:

I do!!!

Actually no I don’t. I really could care less. That’s just me experimenting with a new lens I just bought for my wife’s camera.


ooh. What lens is it?

It’s a Nikon asf 50mm… needed something to try and do single person portraits a little better. But it was supposed to be a little more flexible in lower light :slight_smile: so I thought it’d let it take a swing at the studio gear just to see if the darker room settings would piss it off lol

That’s my favorite cheap lens of all time.

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OP, look up Audient, they make that kind of sexy interface

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