Sven has moved tent

Thanks to Chordwainer for notifying me about new campsite… (svencanz was old id…)
Busy with other stuff for now, but shalt return to musical focus at some point



Awesome! Welcome @Sven! That was fast. Wait til you see the overwhelming number of emojis to choose from!! :heart_eyes_cat::+1::vulcan::pizza::hot_pepper:

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@Sven ! Welcome home, and visit when you can.

great to have you Sven this place is growing by the day !!


Great to see you @Sven! Hope you can visit frequently!

Shit. Now we have to mind our Ps and Qs.

Hi Sven, great to see you - what are you up to these days???


Welcome Sven!

Nice to see you here Sven.

Glad you made it!! Now you know where we all live. Oh no! lol :smiley:

Hey! Welcome Sven - good to have you here.

Good to see you Sven!

Thanks guys, have been real busy doing other stuff…
Got back to recording last week, when one of the top cops in our area, who is also a talented muso, came around to do some recording. Had to think a bit to remember where all the Cubase buttons were…
He’ll most likely come back this coming weekend for some serious recording sessions. Last week was mainly a technology testing session…
Good to see so many from the old forum here.



Definitely keep us posted!

Hey Sven!! Great to see you, was wondering what had become of you… Hope you stick around!