Survey: What are your top 3 vocal mics for recording?

Survey: What are your top 3 vocal mics for recording?


If someone is bored and wants to help, I’d love to make a list of the mics that have been suggested so far as well as any others that come to mind. I’m going to set up a polled list of the mics that everyone can vote on so that we have a list of what is most popular among all of us.
This should be a handy resource for beginners and people that visit here


Shure sm58
Rode NT2a
Blue Bottle
Neumann M149
Sanken COS-11D lapel mic
Sennheiser MKH
Shure BETA 58A
AKG 414
Heil PR35
Blue condensers
Heil pr30
Cad m179
Akg perception
Wunder cm7
RE-20 (again)
Coles 4038
Heil PR35
Rode K2
Audio Technica 2020
Beta 58A
Audix OM5
Shure SM7b
Lauten Audio Clarion 357
Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 87A
Lewitt LCT 940
Telefunken ELAM 251
AT 4040
Neumann KMS105
RE20 with Mojave MA200
Shure KSM-27
Shure SM27
MXL 910
Rode NT1A
Kel HM-1
AKG C2000B


For condenser mics, the first one I grab off the shelf is usually an AKG 214 (similar to a 414, but without all the bells and whistles). I also use a pair of 214s for overheads, with a 3rd for room mic when recording drums.

For dynamic, a beta 58 - which will probably give way to an SM7b, fairly soon as the scope and type of my upcoming projects is a little different.

For my 3rd option, it’s my ancient, reliable AT2020. Its more colored than the AKG. Its built like a tank and I’ve used it for so many hundreds (thousands?) Of hours using it in all kinds of situations. Like the AKG214, it’s consistent (and probably more durable than the 214, though less versatile). I always know what I’m going to get.

I guess thats why one of those three mics is almost always where I start. I know what they SHOULD sound like in almost any situation. On the rare occasion that one of those mics doesn’t cut it, I can try something else from the mic closet.


The one that has stayed as my top pick for a very long time is surprisingly the Audio Technica AT4040.
Very neutral and what you point at it, it captures.

U87 is also one of these always good mics ut it is super expensive

This one I will probably pick something tube with a bit more character, like a
Groove Tubes MD1b.