Supernova - Orchestral Movie score

Finished Track “Supernova”
A finished section of a movie soundtrack I am working on.

Let me know what you think!

ps: Will also be in my new album Solaris. Some of you might have already heard the rough version of this, this is the polished one.


Nice it is sounding good and it is well mixed.

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thank you @redworks !

Nice - I like the way you controlled the substantial and powerful sub-bass in this. The tempo is slow enough to allow those hits to really ring out without turning things to mush down there.

Pulling back the low end on the last iteration of the theme is a nice compositional touch. The dynamic arc of the composition as a whole is spot on - really well paced. Sounds like a really epic piece suited to a movie sequence.

Out of curiosity: Is this all VI’s, or are you mixing live instrumentation in with VI’s?

Nice work!

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thank you @ColdRoomStudio!
Yes it was a real struggle. The scene has some apocalyptic elements, I have some real earthquake ground splitting samples, and building demolition sounds in it that add quite a bit of rumble in it and it was intentional.
Adding musical elements to the rumble was tedious.

I do have some real instruments in there, flute and piano are real.
I also have a sound I recorded with a bag of rock pebbles (you can hear a crunching rolling sound every once in a while) - I added some distortion to those. I recorded a clap as well.

Rest of the instruments, the ensembles are kontakt


Good sounding piece here, sounds very cinematic, I’m sure it would fit well in many scenes. Are you doing it for a specific film or as a demo of your work?

There’s a Facebook group called “Film Scoring Practice” that others have mentioned, I don’t do Facebook but I guess somebody posts a scene sans score and then the group writes scores for the scene and discusses them. You may be past the practice stage so don’t take this mention as criticism; I just wanted to throw it out there, others seem to like it.

When you say ‘kontakt’ are you using only Native Instruments? I understand other libraries use the Kontakt player as well?

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thank you ! that will help.
This score is for a movie, its an international small budget movie, cant really spill much yet but I am allowed to get feedback on sections of my work so yea… my first film score , whatever gets the foot in. So excited!

I am using native instruments for this one.

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Congratulations on that, what you have sounds great and it should lead to other work!

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