Super Plugin Deals!

First up: Boz’s “Little Clipper” on sale for only $10 over at If you’re new to the recording software site, you get a $10 credit for signing up. You do the math. :slight_smile: But hurry, it looks like there are limited quantities! Thanks Boz and RecordingSoftware!

Next up: This month’s edition of Computer Music comes with a FREE copy of IK Multimedia’s Black 76 (Of course George @ManAbyss can ignore this because he has lots of new plugins to keep him busy. :wink: ) which can be bought for $5 and change. …it also includes many many more plugins too from past issues too!

Start here on the Music Radar site.

It’s quite a convoluted process, but stick with it. It goes something like this - if I remember correctly:

  1. I purchased the Digital print option of Computer Music Magazine for about $5.
  2. But, you need an account with Zinio to buy it.
  3. Oh, then you need another account with Filesilo to get the contents of the magazine unlocked.
  4. All of the info for the past plugins is found in the unlocked edition you buy (no need to go back to the edition the plug in was from)

Here is the list of plugins that come with the $5 purchase. It is really very generous of them!

Now quit buying plugins and go make some music!


Haha. Haven’t got it yet, but I guess it won’t be long.

This is where I’m at… I’ve bought half a dozen super blowout-priced plugs since I last completed a song, which is coming up on 8 or 9 months now (work has been eating me alive). No more plugs until I get a project done! :dizzy_face:

Yup, I say that every time I pick up a new plugin. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Although, I must say, I really really enjoy mixing!