Super Beginner Video Series

Super Beginner Video Series


I’m in the works on making an absolute beginners series of videos that basically show you how to get up and running from scratch. I want it to be budget agnostic, and I don’t want to be too opinionated about anything in the videos, but I do want people to be able to watch them and know what to do.

But before I make them, I want to make sure there isn’t something out there that’s already done well. I haven’t seen any, but maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. I’ve seen videos that cover the basics, but they seem to be scattered about, and most of them don’t really answer any questions.

Does anyone know of anything that’s out there already that would match this description?


I know of this video series. The girl is incredibly cute so I only hear about 5% of what she is saying. Better get your cute on if you want to top her.


I’ve never heard of that one. But I’m way cuter.


Actually, I just watched it and it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen.


Just wear your “I still believe” Christmas sweatshirt and you should be fine.


Why would this stop you from making them? Obviously it is something you want to do, so do it and have fun with it. You made a compressor plug and there were already a ba-gillion , I do not not see why other videos would stop you from doing this. Just saying. Just do it.