Sugar mix

Just a mix of the track off Cambridge

Sounds good overall. The only things I noticed is that the drums seems little raw, but that is more of a stylistic choice. The other thing is that there isn’t much “pop” in the chorus. Maybe a vocal effect, such as doubler" or at least some automation would help give it some more momentum.

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Cool stuff if possible can you post a link to the tracks so that if I or someone else is so inspired we can try our hand at mixing the same song.
This is nicely done, everything is fitting together and there is good movement and emotion. I do find that for personal taste the vocal is a little boxy. I think that you could pull a little more out of it in the 400 hz region.
nothing else to add this is really well done for my ears.

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You will find the track Sugar there

Hey takka, same as before, typing and listening not really knowing what you started with.

LOVE the vocal sound and processing. Please tell me how you got it so weighty and smooth! It is amazing! Given it’s so well done, I’d push it up just a nudge, as the treatment has it sound a little less dynamic so it can comfortably come up without jumping out in any parts. Just a personal opinion.

I love this mix. It’s a good song for a start, but your mix makes me want to listen and the song has a great sense of tension and release. The song and artists will do that if it is well composed and performed, but the mix has to make those elements shine which I think you’ve done vry well.
The synth effect at around 3:10 onwards is awesome. i love how you’ve tucked it in there to add tension and not made it a major part.
If I was to be slightly picky, I wanted a bit more definition in the bass, as the low end is there, but given it seems the notes are simple and long, a bit more bottom end would give the song a little more guts and feel. Very very minor thing.
Stellar job, love it.

Ah yes, great song! I started on a mix of this, but only got it up to static mix stage. This song really cries out for lots of automation, effects rides etc, and I just didn’t get the time to really tease all that out… maybe one day…

Your mix sounds excellent. You have tucked the vocals down a bit, and I think that choice works for this style of song. He has a great voice though, so it could certainly work the other way too. Either way I still don’t think I could make out what he is saying (apart from the chorus)… hell, I heard the solo’d raw vocals, and I still have no idea what he is saying!

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Thank you mate .I would like to hear a mix of our Boat ride track by you. .It will be on Cambridge next month i believe

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