Sugar mix 3

My third attempt of this i think

Ok, I’m trying to rewind time and listen and comment songs.
As it’s the second revision of your mix, it would interesting to know what you focused on for one :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, it sounds great to me (didn’t remember previous iteration…), nice overall tone, stereo spread, dynamic and ambiance.
Great for sure!

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Very cool sounding mix.
You’ve handled that accumulation of low. low mids on that hanging note (the first note in the progression) in the first verse well. It is sooo close to having a big build up that needs addressing, but I think you’ve skirted the edge well.

Excellent drum sound and the guitars (all of them) fit and are spaced wonderfully well.
I’ve pretty well stopped now and am just listening to enjoy it. Can’t fault this mix, wouldn’t do anything different at all. Wasn’t sure about the notes at 3:26, but after initial jolt, its actually really cool!

This is one of the best mixes I’ve heard of yours. Great job!

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Cheers man that’s really nice feedback .

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