Studio One 💘

I have been using Studio One for quite some time now. Recently upgraded to version 3 and I am really liking the new features. Though I have not explored all of them yet, Today I was messing around with the FX routing features. WOW ! I like to think of myself as the unofficial king of mangulation, but this feature rubs my erogenous zones into overdrive!

Here is a small intro vid. for mid-side any eq.

Now that is pretty basic set up for a non audio pervert. Now to get really kinky ,once the M/S is split you can pretty much add any plug into each of the channels ( mid or side) and begin utter mutilation! I have created things today that sky-rocketed my noise making inspiration. The cool thing is after you achieve auditory arousal, you can save each bastarderized effect chain, making it easily recall-able for your next noise orgy.

Here is another vid showing the “splitter” functionality:

with this kind of power and a little bit of creative juices, the world is supple and moist.!

Mangling may not be your thing, but I just got my groove back!

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ok I created A drum bus, a whacked-out drum bus. I split the signal into Mid and Side, then split the Mid and Side channels into two different frequencies and tweaked into submission! here is a little sneak peak into my madness:

there was indeed a rabbit down this hole, but It turned out nicely…maybe I should upload the sound clip?


Alright! After a moment or six ,spending time with these features, I have come to a conclusion. Studio One has given their users the ability to be plugin desiners! Yes that is right…plugin designers.

Now this is clearly not for everyone, some people love just handing money over to people that know what they are doing. Which is a perfectly fine ecosystem when time is limited. For the adventurous few , that have time, using Effect Chains in combination with Macros , you can piece together custom sound manipulators.

I am away from my laptop at the moment, but I will return with a multi-level distortion “plug” I created from using stock Studio One stuff. I hope I can even share the “effect chain” here for users to download.

This really is a feature every DAW should have. I would love to have this in Reaper. I bet it’s too confusing for 90% of DAW users though, which is why you don’t see more of it.

I’ll need to pick your brain @cptfiasco! I’m testing Reason at the moment, but Studio One is next on the list.

You will not be pickin’ for long ! Ha!

Sure! I will try to help.

Coming back to this.

first here is the plug routing:

The splitter is setup to separate it into freq.'s (one split at 150hz. another at 4.5khz.)
then each goes into their respective distortion plugs. I used S1’s “redlight distortion” for this.

here is redlight’s setting for the BASS freq.'s, MID freq.'s, and HIGH freq.'s:

BASS: uses soft tube mode
MID: Opamp mode
HIGHS: fuzz mode
each one is kind of bandpassed too. with the plugs built eq range selection.

NOW (noticing the routing) these channels come back together and you can see I split them again . It was another frequency split, this time only twice ( I believe around the 200hz. mark)
these channels then ran into the softtube’s sat… plug , like this:

ok, this rounds up the effect routing part…pretty simple layout…NOW the fun really begins

MACROS is what is going to take this setup and make it a cohesive whole. Make it work like one giant plug!

BASS macros:

You can see when I turn the “BASS” knob it manipulates 4 parameters of the first “redlight” plug marked “BASS”

  • Input Gain
  • Drive
  • Out- Gain
  • Mix

in the middle of the picture you can see the way each parameter knob will react with the turning of the Macros one. this can be setup for inverse (x,y) or level…anything. Notice how as the Input Gain rises, the Out Gain reduces.

here are the other pics for each of the macros:

here is the Saturation macros:

these were simple in setup, just drive the damn knob…HA!

…crap I could not upload the preset file, I will find a host to do this.

Here is the Macros setup and it uses only the 5 knobs to control this monster

Now I can distort each freq. band individually and saturate individually too.


What I would like them to incorporate to this is:

  • the “Splitter” reacts or splits the incoming audio signal by threshhold, meaning you set the threshold to -20db. and everything above the threshold goes one way, below goes to another channel for routing. This would be great to just distort the very peaks of a signal (and other mangulations)

  • along with Splitter have Sends , which would allow you to send the signal to a sidechain somewhere else in the routing.

(bump) YES!! The Splitter is one of my favorite Studio One features!

Please go over to the Feature Request page and vote up some of the Splitter requests so they start doing some updates. Better yet, add some of these and I’ll happily vote for them as well! :+1:

All this is too much for my little brain lol