Studio One stumped...upon reamping my reamped tracks are out of sync with original

They’ve moved forward in time instead…before the original. To add insult to injury this is only happening on one song. I am using AXE IOs dedicated reamp out and it has been working like a charm. It goes to an amp than is dual miked.

The green track on top is the original and after recording this is where my new tracks pop up…only on this song, other songs are fine.

Studio one 2 (both 32bit and 64bit versions - same problem)
Audio interface: IK Axe IO

Update: I checked “ignore plug in latency” and now it’s lining up.

Super weird…

I guess it seems as I might have a faulty plugin that causes it.

Let me know what you think.


Yeah, it looks like somewhere, the latency is being reported to the DAW incorrectly. It could be a plugin, or it could be the hardware. Hard to tell from this end.

Disabled as many plugins as I can think of and it reamped OK. So one of the ones disabled must’ve been the culprit.