Studio One - struggling with stock plugins in a real life mix

Studio One - struggling with stock plugins in a real life mix


Are you building your own MIDI controller? I’m also thinking about this as well… What are you going to use as the base of this controller?


32 bit ARM processor. Doesnt really matter what you choose. Its midi when all said and done.

Im only building for fx plugins I like, not moving faders or transport.

Way easier if you use circuit board software like this one.


Oh that’s cool! I’m actually using the little Teensy boards which can be switched to MIDI controller mode using software. You can then connect sliders or switches to their inputs and treat all changes in resistance to translate to MIDI CC changes. I already built myself a MIDI foot pedal, so I can assign it to a wahwah fx and then use it like a traditional pedal.

I would love to see any updates to your controller if you don’t mind.


Ahh yes the Teensy, thats the board that goes in this one. This is the 2 layer pcb I designed for a Pultec style EQ.


And in real life.

This is just the PCB with stuff on it, a rough layout.



Not sure which S1 were you using. Sounds like the Artist?

I have S1 Professional (I am using ver. 2 which was called Producer, but new equivalent would be “Professional”) and honestly haven’t had any major issues with it.

I use the IR verbs and they’re fantastic, barely touch the “Room Reverb”. Channel strip is another comp/expander/eq/limiter that colors the sound. Also Tricomp is a tool akin to compressor and BBE Maximizer as it can color the low and/or highs. I actually use tape saturation JB Ferox (freeware plugin) for most of this tape saturation when needed. Once you get used to the gates they’re fine. It took me a bit getting used to but no complaints on that.
You can actually use Melodyne to detune and move in time if needed, or each track to the right (on the “I” button) has the ability to be detuned/pitch shifted in the track itself. You can also add ms of delay in there by just putting it on the side in the “Event Fx” menu. Actually probably the easiest triple vocal I’ve had to do.

The chorus is “meh” I guess. I use the Ampire chorus instead (disable all amp and speaker emulation, and just add chorus stomp box on bottom).

I don’t know, for me this DAW was (and still is) breath of fresh air after I got out of a commercial studio running PT HD (ver. 9) and my home recording trial and tribulations with Sonar, which just wouldn’t cooperate with my hardware.

I am still running S1 ver 2.5 and I am a bit behind on all the new stuff they’ve added (I bought ver. 3 and didn’t upgrade), but honestly, I haven’t had a need for any of it.


Hey man. I have S1 v4 professional. But I’m obviously not real familiar with it.

How do you deal with the absence of a transient tool? Is there a plugin in here I missed somehow? I have a ton of them, but again the whole S1 thing was about working with the plugins that the client has.


Tab to transient or something else, like the SPL Transient Designer?
I am of a somewhat purist nature so I don’t like ot mess with these but as of ver. 3 they were lacking one, don’t know if they have it in ver. 4. If that’s all that’s missing it won’t be hard to supplement with 3rd party.


That Softube Saturation plug-in seems great, and it’s available for FREE…


Great info thanks guys!!

These guys are coming back to brush through another couple songs on Thursday. I’m gonna look for a free transient designer. Feel free to holler if you know of any.

The guys have the Waves Abbey Road bundle installed. I think the tape saturation on that is nice. But I’ll have them download the Softube Saturation plug as well. You really can’t have too many flavors of distortion :slight_smile:


JB Ferox is great.

It goes on so many of my tracks, it’s almost like a default :slight_smile:

Look up Couture