Studio One Question

I use Reaper, but does anyone know how Studio One.stores backup files, and does it default to saving or does it need to be enabled?

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Been too long since I’ve used it. I can’t remember. Sorry man!


Hi Styles,
When I first started playing around with DAW, I used Studio One.
I actually like it, and I was able to record simple individual tracks.
For me, I am simply doing vocals and guitar tracks.
Sometimes, I am able to add another vocal track, or even another guitar track.
I have not used Studio One for about 5 years, and so I am not familiar with it now.
And I was not even good at it to begin with, back then.
So, I can say, I like Studio One, but I am not able to help you with this question at this time.
I am watching this thread, though.

Go to “Options” (from the Studio One header at the top) then “Locations” then “User Data” then check the box for “auto save” and set the number of minutes apart for each save. I believe the default is every 5 minutes. I hope this answers your question.


Hi young codger. I don’t think we have met. I am the oldest at 73 and a total klutz with any and all electronic gadgets.
That said, I am doing a collab with Bob and Stan and ran into trouble using Studio one and this is why this question surfaced. I wrote a song and got a great bridge and solo sent to me from these two talented gents.
I have to back up a tad to explain how things started going bad. I decided to have my small recording studio off line so as not to pick up any updates or viruses. I would only record for maybe an hour and then turn it off. I got by with no viruses up until a few weeks ago. Then i got a message that i had to circumvent it each start up. I then permanently got off line. the problem was that studio one could not keep up with the update times and days. my fault.
So when my system crashed when opening our collab, (it said loading melodyne) I could not find the file from the 15 recents listed. They all say today.
I put in an hour and failed. I get so upset i had to walk away. The song was coming along nicely too. Too cheap to buy virus protection.
Nice to meet you btw

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Sorry to hear about your system crash. Often when I have to redo something (and I understand the additional complications of a collaboration) I find ways to improve it so the effort is not a waste. I just hope that your lost rendition did not contain something accidental or magical that just can’t be recreated.

That said, when Studio One does an autosave its name is: [name of song].song.autosave

I would suggest a search for a file with that name in case StudioOne put it in an unlikely spot.

By the way, I’m not quite your age yet, but I am no spring chicken!

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I did find a track just before the guys sent me the lead and bridge. I can build it back, but can I build it back better. pun intended Thanks and I will try the search

If worse comes to worst, we can always patch it up from the last mp3. I’m sure Stan and I can find our files and/or redo them using the mp3 as the arrangement and pile on from there. It’s all up to you Feaks, no pressure.

Codger I’m sure knows whether Studio One requires an internet connection to function, but I don’t see why it would other than for updates, which would not cause any problems with saving files. At some point you should have a complete version just from a simple save. You could probably search for a file in Windows that may lead you where you need to go. It’s never hopeless. I’ve found stuff from years ago just fooling around.

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Hi Bob I was just so excited that it was sounding better daily. Will it hit the charts, no. I still have the downloads of yours and Stans tracks on a zip drive, so yes I can just plug them in. I don’t know if i can redo Stan’s lead solo like I did. I’ll try.
I never did the search windows. I will try that tonight. I fly by the seat of my pants and this is the result. I don’t even back up the computer.
happy Sunday bud