Studio 1

I have been using studio 1 for a couple of days now and I think I will use it over protools in future.
The work flow is like no other DAW in my opinion, everything is so quick to do and it cuts mixing time massively ,I haven’t really used the stock plugins but I believe they are pretty good. Very impressed with it.

If the editing features are sufficient for you then you don’t have much to loose by switching. And if your client base doesn’t mind (I can’t remember if you’re recording professionally or not). If you’re moving toward a career in this stuff though you should probably keep up your protools subscription active and not meander too far off the beaten path.

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Check this out, wrote it last year (I think).


Yes will still keep protools

If I can use it, anybody can. Seriously ha ha I only have the professional. Too afraid of studio three

I have 3.create aux bus for selected tracks in one click, BAM LOVING IT

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Yeah i have recently switched over and am enjoying it. screw protools.

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Its solid as a rock too. So much more reliable than protools ,

Total Studio One fanboy here! A couple of years ago when I got back into audio and was looking for a DAW, after I had demoed Studio One, I kept comparing any other DAW to it. As a hobbiest, Protools was WAY out of my price range. But, after choosing SO, I’ve never looked back. So far it has done everything I have asked and am continually discovering better ways of doing things and thoroughly enjoying myself! :heart_eyes:

Don’t sweat it. If you’re a hobbyist, I promise that you’re not missing much by not using PT! :smiley:

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I won my protools on pensados place funny enough but studio 1 really impressed me .just the work flow alone protools cant match .not even close its so well thought out .