String quartet scoring (ok more like a party..)

So… I did something a few days ago. I got my old gang together back from my wedding singer days. We dissected and played Tan Dun’s classic Concerto. I am trying to put a scoring room together and test out my new clip on / small mics (Adx10, f9 etc. ) for scoring an independent Chinese wuxia movie. I was quite pleased with the result actually. We tracked in 4 different sessions, melody separately and the rest cohesively. Let me know what you think of the recording and if it comes any close to industry standards. This is a work in progress and no where near where I want it to be, but its a start.


I think it sounds pretty good. I feel like the violin is a bit too mid-forward. It sounds little honky, and it sounds like it’s due to the EQ.

It’s also sounds like the piano is contributing a bit to some clutter in the arrangement. I think it might be mostly due to timing of the string sections. When the strings are moving faster, they sound like they are lagging a little bit and it’s clashing with the piano.

In the original songs, the background strings are busy, but they take a background role, so the heavy movement of the strings behind the melody is less jarring. In this one, the piano draws attention the the heavy movement in the background, and the strings are pretty loud, which makes it feel all a little busy, even if the notes are the same.

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I havent really sat down to mix it in detail tbh so guilty as charged there. I am not entirely happy with the violin sound either. There is not much eq on it other than a low pass so its likely the micing.

ok mystery solved, there was indeed an eq issue towards the middle of the track, I had automation write on and had accidentally eq’d in certain parts that explains the sudden wonk in certain parts lol . I found out as the violin seemed fine in the first half, then 2nd half the automation kicked in and messed up the eq. Thanks again @bozmillar


Sounds good to me @FluteCafe, wow a scoring room and musicians to fill it? Very cool. So maybe polishing this tune is not the goal anyway, I’m not that fond of it myself TBH. Look forward to future projects though.