'Streetwise Revelations' from Cambridge Music

Gonna start checking out some of these smaller projects from the Cambridge site. I grabbed this one not realizing it was just a snippet lol

good practice though because it had massive bleed in all of the drum mics: snare was in the kick, cymbals in the snare etc

Not super happy or confident in how the vocal sits bu tit may be alright in an early 70s type of vibe

I did 2 versions. 2nd one is identical but with a more crushed waveform

Snippet 1

Snippet 2

any of ya’ll ever done that song?

I think you captured the vibe of the track really well - everything is working together really nicely.

Being really picky, perhaps it could use a tad more low end and perhaps just a bit of a dip in the high mids to smooth it off a bit, but overall good stuff!

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yeah its a little light in the bottom end.

It might be a little light in the low end, but if it’s holding true to the 70’s vibe, wouldn’t that be the way to do it?

As a side note, I love this idea of having 30 second chunks of music to practice mixing!

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yeah, its pretty close to something like a DeepPurple or other 70s vibe. Didnt they have to go sort of light on the bottom end for cutting albums?

yep, shorter songs with less tracks are the way to go to get more repetition on basic stuff

It does lack a bit of low end, but it probably goes along with everything else from the era. I think the snippet thing is a great way to do it too. It just lets you focus on the some core things without having to have the whole song in mind. It makes it so you can finish up and move on, and not feel guilty that the song isn’t “done” because it’s an incomplete song anyway.

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I should also add, mix wise, there’s more mass hanging out on the left channel than there is on the right. It’s sort of head turning on headphones.

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Compared to today’s mixes, yes definitely a lot less low end here. However, I was referencing some 70’s era mixes to for comparison when I commented, so I still maintain it could still stand just a slight lift around the 60 - 150 hz area - a dB or so - not much, as I said - it’s very close to spot on.