Stormy, 1967

Stormy, by Dennis Yost and the Classics IV, 1967

The band, founded by Dennis Yost, is known mainly for the hits “Spooky,” “Stormy,” and “Traces,” released 1967 to 1969, which have become cover standards. I love these songs, truly classics from the sixties.

Stormy weather for a lot of people around the world.

Pray for Peace in Ukraine!


Talk about smooth! So good! You have a fantastic voice man. I’m already on my second listen :slight_smile:

Plus 1 on @holster 's comment - amazing performance - Beautiful stuff!

I think I hear a touch of modulation on the mix? That works quite well. (Just listening on my cheap speakers at work).

Nice one, mate! :beerbanger:

Hi holster,
Thank you so much for the kind words.
There is a little bit of digital sound that I am not digging on this recording.
I have a new DAW, UAD Volt 2/76.
Thanks for the great feedback!

Like I mentioned to holster, I have a digital sound that I am not digging.
But both of you are saying that it is great.
I have to go with you, at this time, especially with the CGE!!!
Thanks again.

I’ll take another listen on my studio speakers tonight, because I can’t tell a lot from my speakers at work. What was the modulation effect you used?

I am using a new DAW, UAD Volt 2/767.
The unit has a built-in compressor, and also a vintage mic preamp built in.
I am using both built in items.
The modulation that you are hearing, might be the digital sound that I do not like.

Interesting… yes, just listening on my studio system at home. There is definitely some modulation going on, and I can hear a little bit of reverb too. Does the Volt have any preset signal chains on the input that may have been selected?

I have a UA Apollo Twin X, and it has a “Console” function, where you can set up signal chains on the input, so that the sounds are “baked in” when you record them… maybe something like that?

… The other possibility might be something to do with mic placement etc. Is this a single mic recording, or are you using two mics? Is there a piezo pickup from the guitar in the mix too? I’d be interested to hear the raw signals that went into you DAW…

In my chain, I have a Bose ToneMatch with some reverb.
I think the modulation and the reverb might be coming from this box.
I am using two mics for this recording.
Shure SM-58 and a condenser Ear Trumpet labs “Edwina”.
Thanks for your golden ear!

Aha! Yup, this is almost certainly where it is coming from. I had a quick look up online of the unit, and I noticed this:

“High-quality effects include compressor, limiter, de-esser, noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay and reverb”

I’d probably suggest editing whatever patch you are using there to get rid of the particular effect you are perceiving as “digital sounding”. My guess is that it is the chorus, but flangers and phasers are basically slight variations on the same theme, particularly when the effect is fairly subtle, as it is here.

Thank you so much CRS.
I am not very familiar with the Bose, and its settings.
I am actually going back to my simpler Mixer Yamaha, which has very simple reverb for effects.
Thanks again

Returning the favor across forums. Nice guitar playing and singing! Recorded on one or two mics? I think I hear effects on your vocals, though maybe it’s on the guitar also?

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Such talent. We needed new blood. You certainly have taken us by storm.


Hi feaker,
Thanks again for the kind words.
I definitely did not intend to come in like a storm, but I have a bit of material, and wanted to get it out. Thanks for the opportunity this forum gives people. And thanks for the supportive members and moderators and administrators who strive to help people.

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for the support, and the super feedback.
I am recording using two mics. The 2 mics can pick up both guitar and vocals. Shure SM-58 pointed towards guitar, and Ear Trumpet Labs (condenser) “Edwina” pointed towards vocals. I am using a little bit of room reverb effect from my Yamaha MG10XU, which is set at same levels on both microphones. I also use UAD Volt 2/76 as my interface into my IMAC, and I record via QuickTimePlayer movie.

This is a wonderful song. Have you ever posted your stuff on Reddit? They have a page just for posting songs and you can get a sense of how it is accepted there. I use it over the years to kind of get a feel for how the public feels about a song. It is just for that kind of thing. Here is a link

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Thanks for the great comment.
I will definitely try the Reddit post.
You are very generous!
See you in the forum!

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I just posted Stormy in the Reddit Songwriters forum.
Thanks again.

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You are welcome. I think the Reddit site is more for posting songs and just getting more overall feedback and checking the thumbs up count to see how your song is received. I think this site is more geared for getting very technical feedback on the song itself, and a song is maybe posted just for that specific feedback on the quality of the sound. Under the “Bash this song” box, it says “Songwriting, performances, recording quality, and mixing will all be critiqued” so it is more of a focused objective, to have the song dissected so to speak and analyzed than say Reddit, where you are just posting to see how people like it.