Stop and rise ,mix

Rock mix. Last one im going to stop posting for a while .

Hi Alan, in general this mix sounds really good, and well put together, especially the midrange and the top end of the mix. The dynamics and punch are nicely controlled, and the tones are good.

However, the bottom end of the mix is tending to be too boomy. There is buildup in the bass and subs, and a bit of a buildup in the low mids of the drums (toms in particular). Just some tightening up down there will make this mix sound killer!

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i agree and i also mixed a vocal ,god knows how i need to go back into the mix and sort that low end mud

Interesting I don’t know that I would have been able to pin point it on my own but having someone else point it out makes it clear what the problem is. Thanks for sharing.

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Things stand out more on some speakers than others to a fair bit .I did actually think that a bit tho myself