STL Tones Tonehub

Picked this up the day it was released, with a few packs and frankly it’s a bit mind-blowing.

For those who don’t know, STL Tones’ bread and butter is Kemper and Axe FX packs. They’ve done some really cool amp sim plugins too. Apparently, for the last 2 years they’ve been developing a system that will essentially replicate their hardware profiles, but in a plugin.

I got 3 of the packs and it’s pretty stunning. Now of course, I’ve never played most of the actual amps that are modeled, but the ones I have played or currently own are spot on. I’ve watched a pile of videos comparing the plugin to the Kemper profiles and it’s pretty impressive how identical they are. I think it’s mostly geared towards the higher-gain crowd but there’s a really good cross-section of amps.

Anyhoo… long story short… it ain’t cheap, but it’s the first plugin I’ve used that has actually made me question whether I still need tube amps. Check it out!


Nice find. Thanks.

I have it. I haven’t had a chance to really dive in and give it a thorough test drive yet. I have the David Bendeth pack.