Still Happy - EDM, Jazz, Insturmental

I had an idea when I went to make this, but it turned out completely different than what I expected. Anyway, any feedback on the mix, arrangement, etc. Should I keep working it or scrap it.

2nd mix


I like it. Once you get the mix more balanced, it will be a nice sounding recording.

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I’d kill for that guitar tone. some great playing for sure. Like those runs down. What are those notes …dotted 128th?? I know zero about jazz. That said I found this to be an enjoyable listen.
Perfet for a more progressive doctor’s office waiting room. Not what you wanted to hear I suppose. Tell it like you hear it. nice work

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Love it! Great arrangement and guitar chops. Did you program all the drums? Some very creative rhythm/fill changeups.

Being a guitarist I did want to hear a little more “bite” in the guitar to make it pop a bit more. A little upper-mid eq at just right frequency might do the trick. This could be done in just certain sections of the song where the guitar needs to be highlighted. Then leave the EQ as-is for the other sections, where the softer tone blends in well with the rest of the mix.

Great stuff…Thanks for sharing!

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@JayGee Thanks. I just put up a somewhat better mix, but it still might not be balanced perfectly. Thanks for the feedback.

@feaker Thanks. I’m always worried about my guitar tone, but I guess that is normal for a guitarist. I’d be happy to have it playing in a doctor’s office. Better than nowhere. Thanks for the feedback.

@flyguitarfish Yes I did program all the drums. I tired to automate the EQ on the guitar at certain points, but I’m not sure if I did enough or not. Thank you.

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Hi Mr C I just went back and kept going back and forth between the two and honestly I can’t hear a difference. IMHO this is professional work …end of story. I am just a tad green here.

Reall makes this site fun when the song makers are out in force.

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Hi Chandler, this is cool! I think this is the most focused, coherent and well arranged instrumental you’ve posted. It really takes me on a journey, and the combination of sounds and production sound original and unique to you more than anything else I’ve heard you post. I think this could be a rich vein you could mine some more. Very nicely done!

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@ColdRoomStudio Thank for the kind words. I wanted to try something new with this, but I wasn’t sure if it came out well or not. You gave me a little confidence to try more stuff like this.

@Chandler, this is a great listen! Very imaginative arrangement, good playing, and good sound too. I just posted a jazz tune to get some mix help but honestly I like yours better!

It’s a fun piece. I’m going with Mix 2 assuming is has corrections made. The guitar riffs do really drive this, reminiscent of maybe Eric Johnson but more energetic and major scale. Almost Jazz Fusion? The drums are both ‘brash’ but also prescient in their boldness to accentuate the guitar riffs, and the sound effects integrated with the drums takes them to another level, well done!

I do think the drums in general come across a bit too synthetic and ‘dry’, so some reverb on them might soften the dryness. Around 0:38, in particular, it seemed like there were some timing issues with the percussion. Later it seems to tighten up more, and as I said the sound effects with drums are a nice touch, almost seamlessly integrated.

There’s a happy/hopeful vibe to the piece, which I assume is intentional. It’s easy to ‘groove’ too, even for a Rock guy. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ingolee Thanks for listening. I just commented on your song. It is always nice to hear some jazz. It isn’t too popular these days, but I still like it.

@Stan_Halen Thank you for listening. I was trying to come up with something that was a mix between jazz fusion and EDM(future bass). I’ll try adding a bit of reverb or something to the drums. I was going for a happy, almost childlike, candy sweet vibe. Your feedback was helpful, thanks.

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Scrap it, for sure!
Nah, I’m 100% joking!
This a delightful jazz song already. I’m no authority on this classic genre, but I enjoy it and respect it and those who can make it. Now I want to listen to Ingo’s song again, even though he claims to like yours more!

Well, the good thing about jazz and being your own musical boss, your next song could be the one you thought you were composing this time. I’m not nearly as talented as any of you guys here, but I love to write songs; alas, they seldom sound anything like I intended them to sound like, polished or not. I even think only about 1 out of 4 even work at all. But sometimes the one is not the one I expected would work. But sometimes there is a seed of an idea that didn’t fit at the time, and sometimes it gloriously reappears in a future session as if it were a new idea you just dreamed up, so there you go.

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