Steven Slate gets PISSED at NAMM! LoL

I really felt bad for Steve Slate here. This was really stupid shit he had to put up with. Not cool. I don’t blame him for being like WTF!?

i was already pissed about the noise before the marching band started. I can’t stand places like that. You would think that they would be working incredibly hard at a sound convention to make things sound better and reduce all that noise.

This just isn’t fair. Have all the previous NAMM’s been this bad?

I was thinking about going to the one in Nashville in the summer. I wonder if it’s just as nasty?

Fancy having a marching band like that there lol

I hope the fucking penalized them for exceeding the SPL/DB limit!

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oh man, I’d be pissed too. I don’t actually remember hearing that marching band come through. Must have stayed on that end of the building.

The noise issue at namm totally sucks. The fact that NAMM would send a marching band through the floor is like the worst idea in the history of NAMM. I can only assume that somebody thought it would be funny.

The problem is NAMM can’t figure out if it’s a trade show, or some big music party. Really what I think it is is an excuse for all the people in the music industry to come together and see what a small world the music industry really is.

Yeah, I bet you had a blast trying to demonstrate the subtle nuances of your plugs over the sound of an elephant herd. Same thing for CES. They used to have more of a listening room arrangement at one of the hotels nearby, but the main display room was like an airplane hangar. Mostly an excuse to spend a lot of money on a couple of nights out.

Considering what it costs to display at one of these things… they should be pissed about sending a marching band in while folks are trying to give presentations. It’s insane and hopefully the vendors raise hell over the issue!

its so fkn noisy its making me laugh…i know its a phone video or some crap but still…its like testing audio in a cafeteria isnt it?

im not sure that would sell the audio product too well?

ahahaaa what a trainwreck!!

whose to say whose louder first has the right? I mean Steve was using a live band too so its a LOUDNESS WAR at the NAMM!!

when does the Jimi Hendrix Marshall stack blow everyone out to where no one can even talk. hahaa

wow… thats funny.

Steve stuck it out though and thats pretty impressive, like overcoming technical difficulties during a gig or something. $149 with mic simulators…