Steven Slate acting like...a normal person

This has got to be the FIRST time I’ve ever seen a video of Steven Slate not making a ridiculous sales pitch. I have a whole different (and much improved) perception of him after watching this video.

This was hilarious…at 13:00

“Here’s a funny story for you…I became obsessed with trying to buy a 47 when I was younger…I though once i get a 47 I’ll be a real engineer….I needed that one microphone. I finally bought a 47 for $6k. Which to a 22 year old is equivalent to $1m. And the first band I used that mic on, we’d already done vocals on a much cheaper $500 solid state mic. I put him on the 47 thinking this is the divine moment when they were gonna hold me up like the end of Rudy and be like…Slate! Slate! Slate! …so he sing through the mics, and looks and goes ‘nah, I like the other one better’”

He actually sings into the thing at 24:09.

Here’s a few things I noticed for the first time. He’s ridiculously driven and relentless, the same way Warren is. I never realized this, but I think he’s a little socially awkward, which once I took that into account, made it easier to overlook some of his quirkiness on his sales videos. Like the fact he always stares strait into the camera and never blinks. And he doesn’t seem as cocky and overly confident in his product line as he comes across in the videos. Dunno. Rubbed me the wrong way before, but I totally get it now. I never realized how ideologically important it was to him to make super affordable stuff. And he’s creating stuff he actually uses himself. That to me sets himself apart from quite a few other companies offering lower budget stuff. I was also quite surprised that he didn’t tout that VMC line as if it was it was God’s gift to home studios, and try to tell you that you don’t ever need to buy a better mic.

"I didn’t want to see this…ooooh…its a 47! …The key to the VMC isn’t to brag about how you have emulations of classic microphones. Its to brag that you have one mic that can fit the source and make the best music for you".


I agree it is nice to see him outside of sales mode.