Steve Thompson shares the story of the mix for Metallica’s “And Justice For All”

Steve Thompson shares the story of the missing bass on the “And Justice For All” album

Oh yeah, he’s told that story in a guitar mag from a few years back. Lars seems like a dildo. It’s such a shame because it’s tied with Kill 'Em All for my favorite Metallica album. I used to listen to it when I needed to go to sleep, because there’s something about the structured insanity on the album I find comforting. I’ve heard Jason’s isolated tracks and he did nail it. Then again, the lack of bass and dry as a bone drum sound add to the character of the release, though I’d love to have heard what Steve and Barbiero had in mind for it originally. Check out this article where Flemming Rasmussen talks about recording it, insane amount of microphones and tweaking. Can’t believe how many SM-57’s they used for almost everything.

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Also does anyone have any extra labels for the super rare $9.98 Garage Days Re-Revisited EP? I’ve got the CD, but not booklet or labels.

Did you search on google images? You could probably just print your own copy of it for now

I agree. It’d be super interesting to hear what he really had in mind for the mix on that album

Good point. That disc is so expensive I just nabbed any copy I could get. They do such great covers. Do you own it?

Steve Thompson and his partner in crime Michael Barbiero were two of my favorite engineers from that time. They never made it sound too trendy. Their work with Tesla rocks. I’m curious as to why Rasmussen never mixed them. Michael Wagner did MOP.

The label wanted big name mixer/master engineers and apparently Flming being a Swede and all didn’t fit in the USA “hit maker” corporate mentality. He was more of a shoe in to appease Lars and his Swedish ego.

I’ve actually wondered how it would’ve sounded if Fleming did both albums from start to end.

Michael Wagener did most of the “…Puppets” mixing, but I don’t think all.