Steinberg MR816CSX - Routing help?

Just wondering if anyone else has this interface here?..

I’m having an issue with trying to access anything other than outputs 1 & 2. Accessing all 16 inputs are no problem - I can set that up easily… But it also has a total of 16 outputs if you count ADAT out, but I can’t seem to get access to any other than 1 & 2. If anyone has one and can help, let me know. Thanks.

I have an 816X and an 816CSX.
What DAW are you using? Do you have the Tools for MR816 (the editor) program?

I have used the 816s with Cubase, first using Firewire, and now via ADAT into RME Raydat.

May be able to help…


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Thanks Jeff!

Yes, I have the MR Editor. I’m using Reaper and Sonar X3 as my DAWs.

I poked around in the meantime and managed to get a signal coming out of the other outputs.

However, my problem is, I want to use more than one pair of outputs simultaneously. Eg for multiple monitor switching and for sending multiple cue mixes. The manual gives the impression that the MR Editor should be capable of this functionality, but I can’t seem to work out how to access it…

As I said, accessing all my inputs, using all the FX, even using the ADAT in for another 8 inputs is no problem, but I I can’t seem to get the MR816 CSX to send from more than 1 pair of outputs at a time… Am I missing something?

Haven’t used Reaper or Sonar…
But I did look at the Reaper manual.
And forgive me if this is something you already know about…
The manual says Reaper selects your sound device outputs 1&2 by default, and that you have to use the Routing Matrix to select other output pairs. They also refer to a Routing button on each track that allows you to set up cue mixes, effect sends etc.
I don’t think there is anything special you need to do in the MR editor to utilize the other outputs assuming it is set to scene 0 or the default setting.
Let me know if you can route the way you want to using the Reaper routing functions…

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Thanks for getting back to me, Jeff. I was hoping to set up the routing, not within the DAW software, but within the MR Editor… I’m guessing that’s not possible.

I installed the bundled copy of Cubase (AI5) that came with the interface last night and played around with it, but I couldn’t seem to get the on board processors (comp, eq, reverb) to process the incoming audio while I was playing (as it does when I use the MR Editor with other DAWs) - they only seemed to work once the audio was recorded… I’m obviously doing something wrong, but I can’t work out what!

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner…
The only output that is set in the default config for the MR is output 1&2. The other outputs have their level fader set to 0 in the MR Editor.
Have you tried creating a new Scene, and setting the other outputs level faders to lets say unity, and then storing the new scene into your MR816? You have to click on the output, lets say 3&4, and move the associated en store the setting. This must be done for each output you wish to be active.
You can select the headphone outputs for various outputs by clicking on the headphone icon ( 1 or 2) on the output you wish to associate the output with. Needs to be stored as above.
I wanted to send a screen shot, but I am at my office computer now.

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Awesome, I’ll try that out. Thanks!

Hey Jeff, just wanted to thank you for your help on this - I got it working just how I wanted now. Thanks again!:beerbang:

Hey that’s great! Not sure I was much help, but I am glad it worked.
I had a struggle with my 2 MRs when I got the RME interface, but I found some info on setting it up on the Steinberg forum…there is a topic dedicated to the MR series…maybe you already knew that.
Anyway, the MRs work well on my setup now…and hopefully you will have the same experience.