Steban Ingo- Indy Garage Metal Fever

So I entered my solo version a couple weeks ago not knowing @ingolee had sent me a collab version three weeks ago. Alas, it had been sitting in my inbox unnoticed by me.

In my opinion, it is better on several levels, now I dare say it rocks! Even though it shares basically the same shell, this one has attitude. You know, one never knows what a collaboration leads to. This one turned out to be a lot of fun for us both!

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Thanks for the contest, guys! We would never have done something like this otherwise, so it was a real learning experience.


Yo this is cool. it has tude. ha ha Sweet voice. Like to have heard you get nasty with that vocal tho…Might be just me?? This contest is a lot of fun. Good luck you two:)


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Thanks, Paul! I’ll have to work on the nasty part. I was hard working on the Jagger unintelligible words method to beat the censors.

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This is cool man! I like the direction you went with this one. I’m not at home at the moment, but just wanted to let you know I checked it out! Good job! :beerbanger:

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@ingolee and I much appreciate that, @holster.

Thank you holster and Mr F, for listening to us and giving us kind words!

I’ll admit, when I first heard the contest announcement I was not that excited by the concept and I had no idea for anything to enter. And then the entries I’ve been hearing have all been very creative and well done to the point that I was intimidated to even enter anyway, they’re all that good!

But then Steban came along with a concept that was very cool and I don’t believe had ever been used on ‘Fever’ before, so I just had to mess with it!

Good luck to a talented bunch here, you’re all winners.

Now this is a new approach. I like it - a lot! The music was cool and I totally dig the guitars. For me however, the vocal was a bit disconnected. I think if you got it sitting in the mix a bit better and bring up those guitars you’re golden. You remind me a bit of Robby Robertson. :+1:

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I keep mentioning how these mixes sound on the iPad Pro. I feel it only fair that I listen to each entry the same way, especially since it’s going to be a while before I get time to sit in front of my DAW. Having said that, this mix is also evenly balanced sounding, with the box sitting a little too up front.

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Thanks for the great feedback, @miked and @BigAlRocks! Vox may be a little loud, I think I did the test to turn the volume way down to make sure it was the first track heard, but @ingolee and I probably could have fooled with the levels more and found the sweeter spot in the rather loud busy arrangement we were going for.

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Thanks mike for listening and commenting. Yeah Robbie is cool, I like the “Crazy River” song.

Thanks Al for listening and commenting! Glad we passed the ipad test. :smile:

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