Status Headphones on sale for $34

I just saw this on the Cakewalk Deals forum. I’ve been mulling more comfortable “high-end” headphones than my HD280 Pros.

CB-1: (Closed back studio monitors):

BT One: (Wireless On-ear):

Use the code “FRANKP10” for an additional $10 off. (No idea where it came from, but it works!) You need to add the hp to your shopping cart to get to the coupon section where you can enter it. It doesn’t look like it, but you can still use Paypal when you do.

From the forum post:

I have these and love them. I use Sonarworks for my mixing. …I read good things online about the CB-1 before I bought my pair. Their stuff is cheap because you buy direct from the creator. …Things don’t have to be expensive to be quality.

I looked up a couple of reviews:

As noted, Sonarworks and Toneboosters Morphit have a profile for them if that’s important to you.

While the wireless hp definitely have some appeal, I went with the over ear studio phones. For $34 bucks, these were too hard NOT to try out!


After a couple of nights listening to these, I am quite liking them. These are a great bargain if you’re looking for some decent headphones at a great price. Here’s another review and I pretty much agree with his assessment across the board. It interesting to me that he was comparing with the same HP I own… :+1: