Started this today...not for sensitive individuals..rock

Nearly May and snowing again. Wrote the lyrics early on and just finished a song start called “grow a set” . Dedicated to all the young kids with zero ambition. Got about three hours into so far. Spin it if you have a chance.

Grow a set

When your life is in the shitter …and you can’t get on your twitter GGGE

All your friends have turned against you… and yur thinkin yur screwed

Throw away that freakin phone… get yur ass out of your home stop

whining like a three your old …start actin like a dude…grow a set

You said you don’t know what you really wanna do… but you do. like your I phone B7 … A E

You said you don’t know… bout your life…where you’ll go…but you might…just stay at home

Break (talk) Now why would I leave? They do everything for me.

I got it made. I gotta play this right

Now yur almost otta high school … still don’t have a clue

Yur parents start buggin you… so what cha gonna do

Yur tellin them they failed plus that awful little school

Yur blamin everybody but you should be blamin you…grow a set


I like it! Some cool vocal asides in there like at 0:28, then the shift to a more major key sound for the chorus. The “Break talk” is fun too. The different guitar parts on each side (distorted/clean) in the verse are cool. I guess this is ‘social commentary’, though at first I thought the Twitter reference has something to do with Elon Musk’s buyout, suggesting maybe a “free speech” political protest song? That’s what all the talk is about anyway - a billionaire wants to bring back free speech and The Left is trying to thwart him at every turn - because … ‘democracy’. :joy: I call it The Clown World, because many of those folks are saying very contradictory things. As you say at the 1:18 aside, “spoiled brat”.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” But … “Let them eat cake.” :smirk: Something like that. Keep speakin’ out my man, good stuff!

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Hi “the man” It is really a blast to throw something together not worrying about the outcome. Might finish it, who knows.
Yes you can ask me any question about the latest news and I will know. I watch “that channel” many times a day. ha ha
I will be sending you a pm in a few days. I decided to put out there my version of America beautiful. I will not post to the forum.
peace to you if you can find it

I’m at the doctor’s office, so I can’t listen quite yet, but reading the lyrics, I’m reminded of the cadence to “If I Only Had A Heart” from Wizard of Oz. I will listen and report when I get home, where it is 80 and blue skies. Every year the winter hangs on longer up there. Sheesh.

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I’d love to hear it when you’re ready! Actually, I have been thinking about doing “The Star-Spangled Banner” for some time, so you may have inspired me to go for that. I studied and performed opera/operetta and musical theatre for a couple of years while getting voice coaching, so I think I have the vocal chops for approaching one of those ‘stadium’ versions. I might even post it for feedback if I think I nailed it, and certainly will share it with you regardless. Most likely would be a karaoke version with a stock music backing track. I guess ‘A cappella’ would be fine too, but I like the power of the orchestral accompaniment. A Rock version would be cool too, if I think I could swing something that worked well with the vocals.

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Yeah that sounds fun. The star spangled bungle is a good choice. I don’t believe our songs we are thinking about doing should go on the forum. I don’t have a way to pm you, so maybe we could go back and forth?

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Well, I haven’t posted anything in awhile, and would probably like multiple feedbacks on my vocals. But I’ll definitely give you first shot. :slightly_smiling_face: This is still America - last time I checked - and even amongst the wokeness I think patriotic songs have a place. The pendulum always swings, to and fro, so by Midterms it’s likely things will be changing for the better. Also, with Europe struggling with “gas for rubles”, geopolitics and energy is going to become way more important than gender fluidity and Critical Woke Theory. :smirk:

PM still works last time I checked. You click on your avatar at the top right and the “Messages” (envelope) icon below that. Click twice, as the first time doesn’t go there. I’ll send you a test so you can check it out through Notifications.

Hi feaker,
I like this song, very preachy.
It is a bout time we say something, and straighten some thing up, hahahaha.
Love it!!!
I love the beat and the guitars, and the message!!! Very rock and rolley!
Thanks for this.

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Hi Rene I actually thought of you when I first posted this. You seem to be a gentle man I didn’t want to upset you. I just had to get this off my chest.
I am sitting in my lazyboy right now writing another song that is definitely not rock. ha ha
Thanks for your listen

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Okay, now I’ve heard it and I like it. I would keep it the way it is and add some sustained guitar chords over the top of your rhythm track to give it a bit more size, but it’s a great start. Stay warm, or move. That’s why there’s Florida.

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Hey Bob I have to try that on top of the dead side. Too much crap on one side and sterile on the other. ha ha Variety would be good too.
We just got back from 4 months in Texas. Went from mowing the lawn at 80 to shoveling snow. it all went today and my pond (2 acre) pond finally thawed.
thanks for the visit

HI feaker,
I am a gentle man, and so are you, and you are very much appreciated for getting it off your chest, and letting me know.
Thanks for your concern and communication.

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