Started the new year playing some shows in Maui Hawaii. (Pictures included)

Just got back from doing some shows in Maui. A big commercial welling company (oil and industrial) flew the band out to play for their yearly retreat for corporate executives and their buyers. We played several nights - they covered our airfare, rooms, food, and backline rental costs, so we didn’t have to bring any lights, staging, or instruments. I took my laptop and hooked the Roland controller up to my laptop with MainStage. The guitar brought his Kemper… everyone else used whatever was already in Maui. Was a really fun gig! They invited us back for next year :slight_smile:


Looks awesome - what a way to have a “working holiday”!

you had me at Hawaii. Nice

We were there in October. Looks like the Hilton resort with Lanai in the distance. I didn’t want to leave. Loved the swim up bar in the cave, and every sunset was perfect. Must have been a dream gig.

Its actually a Hyatt (Hilton Hyatt…same difference) lol. But yeah! The swim up bar was super cool. I wondered how they built it.

Didn’t make it all the way to Hana… had to turn around and come back. I’d take the trip for sure next time!

Yup, You’re right, it was the Hyatt, I still have the card for the room. We took a great sunset cruise right off the shore there (couple of killer Mai Tais to enhance the scenery) that was a blast. Of the islands we visited, I would have been perfectly content just staying there. When I learned the trip to Hana would have been a full day there and back, we decided we didn’t want to do it. We cruised up to Kapalua and walked around on the lava on the edge of the golf course. The whole place was amazing.

Wow, that sounds like REAL hard work - but I guess someone will have to do it…

Lovely photos, by the way…

Hmm. Not seeing any shots with you in the pic, Jonathan. How do we know this is legit? :thinking:

On a more serious note, congrats. That’s awesome and sounds like a blast. Green with envy! :+1:

Great pics to, btw. Gorgeous!

Hey, Jonathan, do you perchance have any recording of your band? Would love to hear you guys! :grin: