Standalone Complex - another Brian Hood's multitrack mixes

Hi guys,

Just finished another mix from one of Brian Hood’s multitracks.
Used SSD4 for drums mostly cause the tracks kinda sucked. Poorly recorded. The cymbals are a bit harsh to, but I tried to tame as much as possible. Was also poorly recorded IHO :slight_smile:
Bass is DI + BIASfx this time for amp + podfarm for the distorted bass.
Guitars are Mercurial Reaxis, different settings left and right.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


I’m not a big fan of guys screaming into a microphone… but I’m always intrigued by the technical aspects of this style. Music wise it sounds pretty good to me. Clean and balanced.

I have a related stupid question… how the heck do you get a guitar to sound like this? How is that super-staccato, ‘djent’ sound achieved? It has to be more than just gating the living cheese out of it? I’ve never been able to get a guitar to sound even remotely like this. :slight_smile:

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Hi Skua,

Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:

That djent sound is by manually editting it. Cutting it up pretty agressive. Instead of leaving a tail to make it sound more natural, you make it very short.
With this, it was already done pre multitracks, so I didn’t have to do it myself. But I think the only way to realy pull it off is manual editting. :slight_smile:

I realised it may not have been what you meant. So let me ask this.

Do you mean the mini quiet parts (stops) in the riffs, or the attack on some notes ?

Ah… OK so this style is achieved with extremely aggressive note editing. Wow… that has to be really, REALLY time consuming and tedious! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Well its not cutting up every note. More the moments when you mute your strings. Normally you would here some noice at those moments, which can be deald with by a noice gate. But the manuel editting makes it even more agressive.

If I just stated the obvious to you, its cause I get confused in chat conversations :joy:

No worries… thanks for shedding some light on the subject. Been wondering for quite a while how the sound is achieved!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

It’s tempting think so, but in reality it’s a ten-minute job. With multi-tracked guitars you get them all together and edit them simultaneously. Piece of cake really.

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:wink: Point taken… I guess I should say for ME it would be extremely time consuming and tedious. All very enlightening. Thanks.

For the ultra-tight gating thing that’s correct, but there’s usually more to it. Most of the time it has the be edited tight to a grid as well (but not toooo tight as you’ll kill the weight of doubled/quad-tracked guitars), generally using slip editing, which can’t really be automated reliably… then there’s a question of where you’re editing from at the beginning of the note/chord… be it the pick attack or another point. It’s still not a massive endeavour once you get into a flow… but can be a pain in the arse.

Not at all. I wasn’t trying to make out that I’m some kind of editing genius, I just meant that if you try it for yourself you’ll find it’s pretty easy. I’m sure you’re perfectly capable.

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That was an interesting question, @DeRebel, and your answer was eye opening. I had always suspected there was a lot of editing involved in speed metal to achieve the distinctive sound, and I give a lot of credit to those who do it well, as here.

Alas, I am not qualified to advise on the mix, only that I didn’t hear any glaring problems, only glaring vocals. That’s a joke. :rofl:

No problem… I didn’t take it in a negative way at all. I just know that I’m still fumbling my way through a lot of the most basic of techniques. :slight_smile: You’re description was quite revealing and it makes me want to try out the editing of multi-tracked guitars as you said. Thanks for the insight. :+1:

Dang, Jelle. You nailed this. Criminy, this is nicely done.

So, check this out as a reference: August Burns Red’s Dangerous.

These tracks are excellent, and I think your mix is spot on. The vocalist sounds like ABR’s guy (I can’t recall his name).

With this genre, I’m partial to the drums. I might bring them up “just a little bit.” I especially wanna hear more of the double kick! :slight_smile: But this is a great mix.

So, are you able to trigger the SSD samples from within SSD itself? Or do you use Trigger? i’m just curious, cuz I’m not familiar enough with what you need to trigger your samples.

Is this a mix competition? Where are these tracks from?

Anyway, very, very nice mix, to my ears. Gotta feel good about this!

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Thanks for the kind words mate :slight_smile: I’m trying ! And indeed, maybe the drums could come up a few db.

The was a midi file provided with these multitracks, so I didn’t have to trigger anything :smiley:
I only have the SSD sampler atm. The trigger app is something for the future. atm I don’t REALY need it.

I’ve been looking for the download page for these multitracks, but I can’t find it anymore. If you give me your email adres, I can send them with wetransfer if you want them. Its 5 songs. And you can use them on your portfolio. Its discribed in a readme file.

Hit me up if you want them.

Thanks again :slight_smile: