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For those interested in making it on Spotify, the leading streaming sevice, one way of doing it is having songs on popular playlists. It is very difficult to make it there, but completely doable.

I started a couple of days ago working with this goal. I have a release on Spotify which I made one year ago. Never really promoted it and, naively, thought that it would get listeners with time. I have always had listeners, but like 10 a month. before I started my spotify promotion strategy I had 18 followers. After 4 days I have 35. I am going to release some singles there soon and want to have some more followers.

Now, to make it into the big playlists it seems that it is a huge advantage to be a verified artist. In order to do so you need at least 250 followers. The first thing I did was to tell my 495 friends on Facebook to follow me. I got a lot of likes and only 12 followers. I’ll continue pressing them till I get my 250 :slight_smile:

I added the follow button wherever I could, told the people to follow me on Spotify on any piece of information that I can edit (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc)

I took the liberty of creating a playlist for the Indie Recording Depot. It is a collaborative playlist, so any one of us can add tracks. The main idea is to have up to two tracks of each artists in here. This list can be shared by anyone, so it can be a good starting point. If we happen to make a good and attractive playlist it will do good to all of us. And it is an interesting experiment.

I added two of my old tracks already. Will replace them with those I feel have better quality. When we get a decent number of tracks I will start sharing this list on social media.

If any of you here disagree with the creation of the playlist I can remove it. Here is the list!

Send me any thoughts!


Ok i tried and we will see what happens

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You got a new follower for starters :slight_smile:

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It seems this won’t kickoff. I’ll leave it for now and add your songs in another playlist where I ask people from soundcloud also. I’ll send you the link to the playlist.

Hi, I just read it now :slight_smile: It seems like a good idea ! I’m gonna wait with it for a while though :slight_smile: Till I have some recordings of my new project, or new recordings of my current band. The old one have a bad vocalist on them, (and he left now) so I don’t like to promote that stuff anymore knowing we are looking for and hopefully will find a better singer.

I’ll try to find this thread back when that happends :stuck_out_tongue: Helping eachother like this can have good results indeed !

Absolutely! I have found that promoting music is more diffcult that actually making it.

I’ll keep the playlist alive and hope the people in here start adding songs to it :slight_smile:


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Yeah i was just thinking about this yesterday wondering how it was going.

That’s awesome! Great idea! I really like the idea of having an IRD playlist. Especially as we all start adding projects on here. Excellent way to gain some exposure for you guys. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this @ProudMusicStudios!!

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I just followed the playlist on Spotify, and there are some good ones on there already. Good idea.


How do I add a track to the playlist?

I was curious about that too!

Hello @miked and @holster

Follow the playlist. And to add a track to it, right click it in spotify and select to add to playlist. And select our indie depot playlist :slight_smile:

All I get when I do that is “Start Radio”, “Copy Playlist Link” and “Unfollow”…
— edit —

Doh! Right-click the TRACK, not the Playlist! Got it! Now…

After Right-clicking track, it appears I am only able to add a track to playlists that I have created. Clearly I am following your playlist, but “Indie Recording Depot Mix Tape” does not show up as a Playlist I can add a song to. Must be some sort of permissions thing. (?)

You should be able to add tracks. Other people have done it. But send me the url to the song and I can add them myself :slight_smile:


Thanks Lukas! You know what? As I was getting ready to send the links, I thought I’d tried something else. I normally just use the “Web Player” when I listen, and that is where it wasn’t working. Then I thought, “what if I try it with the desktop application?” …and it worked!

“Caught Inbetween” is my favorite so far. Thanks for doing this!

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Excellent! I’ll take a listen to your tracks right away.