Split Personality Manix mix off

Running out of time and pretty much burnt out on this track, I submit this track for bashing.
I still need to work on the ending but I’d like an opinion on the mix so far, whats working for you, what isn’t? Don’t be shy, it can only help!

I think you’ve got a great, balanced mix going on. Everything is audible and sounds good as an individual piece. I REALLY enjoy the vocal sound you have, but it sounds disconnected between the drums and the rest of the band. I think you should do a little tweaking with your verbs and other chains to get everything in the same room (or closer to it).

That’s my two cents. Cheers!

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Pretty good already

Main issues that came to my mind:

  • Solo guitar in opening maybe a bit too harsh

  • Bass is maybe too full in low mids, or too much low end in the whole mix.

  • Bass lacks definiton. Listen around 1:40 when bass has to lead the groove.

  • TOm fills quite weak: listen around 1:50

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Nice balance and mix
Clear vocals. The bass could be cleaner.
And the guitars may be fatter (slightly)

You did a nice work

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