Spitfire Labs bundle offer

Highly recommended: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/ranges/spitfire-labs/labs/

I own Soft Piano and Peel Guitar and I think they both sound fantastic and are actually rather versatile for what they are. I want to pick up some more of these before they relaunch because who knows what might be gone.


Wow. Some of their libraries are $10K, and others are $3 dollars. I liked their hammered dulcimer. Think I’m gonna get it.

I know, they have incredibly expensive stuff that I don’t see myself buying. But these “labs” libraries are real gems as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks for posting Cristina, it looks like a sweet deal.

But the FAQ say you need NI Kontakt full version which is $400 to run these, and Komplete 11 is $600 which you’d have to consider if you’re going for Kontakt . . . argh!

ah, sweet. A bunch of experimental plugins for $5. Absolutely.

Yep you’re right. However here’s a tip: Native Instruments has one of the best plugin resale policies I know of. You’re allowed to sell your software and transfer the license for free (and it’s relatively easy, too.)

I shopped around on ebay and reverb and ended up with Komplete 9 Ultimate for $360. It’s an older version sure, but it has the latest version of Kontakt and loads of other stuff that I use all the time. So if you want Kontakt, my advice is to shop around on ebay and look for older versions of Komplete or just Kontakt itself.


Just put in a little practice time and learn to play a real one instead. :sunglasses:

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