Soundtoys Decapitator on sale, opinions and specs

Soundtoys Decapitator on sale, opinions and specs


I got on the Soundtoys email list awhile back with one of their free things, now I got the Decapitator offer: regularly $199, now $49. I would guess that’s a good deal but I really don’t know much about Soundtoys stuff except what I have heard and read (mostly good).

I see that they require an iLok, no problem as I already use one. Any other software install requirements? Some mfr’s now have these mandatory install and management programs which I detest, and I’d prefer to not take on another one. I’m not even sure I would use this plugin, but you know - it’s a G.A.S. thing. :laughing: I generally have plenty of stuff already and try to avoid getting more, more, more. So the install and management piece is probably a determining factor for me - too much PITA and I’m out.

On a side note, their “supported hosts” doesn’t include Reaper. I have seen that quite a few places. I doubt there would be any issues, but with the popularity of Reaper going higher and higher IMO, it seems like an elitism or exclusivity (political) issue to exclude it (purposely or not).


I love soundtoys stuff. I love love love there stuff. i have used it in both sonar and studio one. no problems.


+1! Sie-Q is one of my favorite EQs and I have a few of their “little” plugins which get a lot of use as well. I’m thinking really hard about this offer, although I’m eyeing EchoBoy or the rest of the package. I don’t use the iLok dingle-berry, but the iLok software management is no worse than Waves and I’ve never had a problem with it.


I bought the upgrade from Little Plate Reverb (which I got for free) to Soundtoys 5 for $209. I flipped a coin. A “just for fun” purchase. The install was easy. I use REAPER. Seems to be working okay so far, but I won’t get a chance to play with these for a little while.


Thanks Eric!

Thanks Mike! Yes, they have that one on sale too for $49 I think. I might actually prefer that one.

Thanks Cristina, good to know!


BTW, if you do have any of their plugins, even free ones, if you log on to their site you get a discounted price for the full package based on what you own.


$50 is a steal. If I could only have one saturation plugin it would hands down be the Decapitator, and I use that thing far more than any other SoundToys plugin. The 2 big reasons I swear by this thing is because of how insanely easy it is to tune and dial in and second because of how ridiculously versatile the thing is. If I could only have one saturation plugin, there’s no single plugin in the entire Waves or UAD that I’d rather have.


It’s because of reviews similar to ^ this ^ on various plugins of theirs, my own experience with some of their “little” plugins, and promos like this that make me a big Soundtoys fan.


Big Soundtoys fan - Decapitator is great on drums. I use MicroShift on everything. The only problem is the lack of new plugs coming along - I have ST5 and now awaiting more groovy, creative stuff to use…


I’m guessing we’ll see a nice reverb of some sort after their recent release of Little Plate…


Aw man! You’re preaching to the choir here!! You can literally use that on every single drum kit piece including the hi-hat (go figure…right!?) and it’ll work wonders. I also use it on the all-drums buss if I have one, a parallel compression bus, overhead and room mics. Its just that good! (in my opinion).

I’m using microshift a little less because there are time when I need a little more control over the doubling effect than that gives me. But they really nailed it for a fast one-off solution that does seem to work on anything.

I think ST may have been testing the water with that, but I have a hard time seeing how they could do anything that UAD, Liquidsonics, Valhalla, and Waves haven’t already done. Where ST has really shined is where they invented off-the-beaten-path weird stuff like the Crystalizer, the Radiator, the Devil Loc Deluxe, and the EchoBoy that does wild stuff that no one else even THINKS to try and create. And I just can’t believe how well ST has balanced the simplicity of their plugins with the versatility of them. Its unreal.


I see that, quite a few plugins for about half of their current regular “on sale” price. It’s tempting.

A socially responsible company, awesome!


I found another reference to Soundtoys DAW compatibility, concerning Reaper, that gave me pause …

DAWs we test on, but are not fully supported:
Reaper 4 & 5 (graphical resizing of the EffectRack and Tweak Menus and crashes related to folder permissions issues are the main holdups)

If you are using these plugins with Reaper, I’d really appreciate hearing your experience in regard to the above (potential) issues. Please also state which version of Reaper you’re on as a reference. (I think I’m on 5.77 which is not the latest but pretty close.)


I have SoundToys Little Plate and use Reaper v5.70. I have that on quite a few tracks on a few songs and have never had any problems with it.


Thanks for that! I did call and talk to their tech support and it didn’t sound like they had experienced any big problems with Reaper. That EffectRack graphic resizing might come up, as it may be more elaborate than the standard plugin.


I have a few soundtoys plugins and have never had issues with them in Reaper.


Thanks Boz!


Hey Stan, I have Little Plate on Reaper 4.78 and it’s been OK for the most part, but, it did crash Reaper one time. I think it was a system problem though, I have some RAM problems ( bad socket on the motherboard ) so I think you’ll be fine!


OK, thanks Ingo!


I bought EchoBoy through It includes EchoBoy Jr. as well which looks really good too. But my reason for this post is that it cost $43.99 through AudioDeluxe and it was literally posted to my SoundToys account in 5 minutes. I like and and cannot wait to play with my new toys! Woo hoo!